Philosophy: An Illustrated History of Thought

Philosophy: An Illustrated History Of Thought

Philosophy: An Illustrated History of Thought

Description: PHILOSOPHY: An Illustrated History of Thought (Shelter Harbor Press, October 2014) is the fifth book in the successful Ponderables™ series. PHILOSOPHY follows the great thinkers through the ages as they search for meaning. The natural philosophers of ancient Greece searched for answers as to how the universe worked; the ethical teachers of China sought a contented and just society, while the spiritual traditions from India were a guide to relieving suffering. Over many centuries, these strands of philosophy have evolved into a sophisticated system for describing fundamental concepts like knowledge, existence, morality, and justice. An authoritative, yet approachable, illustrated reference book and timeline, PHILOSOPHY is filled with 100 chronological articles that tell the story of philosophy. These thinkers embraced paradox; and PHILOSOPHY presents the most mind-boggling conundrums the last 3,000 years has to offer. Philosophy starts with asking questions, but not just any questions, the fundamental questions which lead to continued debate and discussion, such as: What is real? What can be known? What should I do? What is allowed and disallowed? What can life be like? The book’s relaxed but elegant format allows the reader to dip in and out of 100 fascintating milestones in the history of Philosophy providing the reader with ‘snackable facts’. It also includes a removable fold-out concertina neatly housed at the back of the book: a 12-page Timeline History of Philosophy on one-side and on the other side, brief bios of more great minds who helped make philosophy what it is today.

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