Personalogy Party Game - Made Amazon's Top 100 Card Games in 2015

Personalogy Party Game - Made Amazon's Top 100 Card Games In 2015

Personalogy Party Card Game

Description: Personalogy-An Absurdly Provocative Game For Thinking People - a card game that instantly connects people - gets them talking, laughing and having fun. Cards FOR Humanity! It's the Personal Trivial Pursuit Game that quickly has everyone mixing and mingling! The perfect antidote for awkward social situations, dinner, cocktail or office parties, and holiday travel. Triple AAA endorses it for roadtrips. If you are single looking for love, it's a date magnet and faster than Tinder. 135 topical, unusual, LOL questions and surprising answers. Perfect for holiday parties, hostess or holiday gift & stocking stuffer. Ignites eye-opening conversations that reveal entertaining personal trivia about the players. Entertaining questions covering hot topics, lifestyle, pop culture, psychobabble, sports and dating; each with multiple-choice answers. Uncovers the unexpected about you, your friends, love interest, strangers, coworkers and even your family. Instantly includes even the shiest guy, wallflower, introvert and dorky dater to join in the fun. You can purchase on

Personalogy Party Playing with cards

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