"One Voice Too Many" by Paul Martin Midden

"One Voice Too Many" By Paul Martin Midden

"One Voice Too Many" by Paul Martin Midden

Description: An intense psychological thriller, One Voice Too Many delves deep into the human psyche with a plot that hinges on a disquieting question: how well can we really know any one person? To the outside, Jeremy Walker seems like a decent human being: hardworking, polite, independent, and intelligent. But beneath Jeremy’s calm and controlled surface lies a dark and terrible secret—and a past he cannot quite shake. When he meets Macy Caldwell, a bright, independent, and attractive woman, Jeremy’s carefully-constructed world is changed forever. Despite a history of tumultuous relationships, Jeremy is determined to make his relationship with Macy succeed. The courtship moves quickly and soon, Jeremy is head over heels—and engaged to be married. But even when the future seems so bright, the past is never far behind. And Jeremy’s past is a dark, disturbing and haunting contrast to the joys and discoveries of new-found love. When the challenges and pressures of his new role as husband intrude, Jeremy will get caught up in an intense, internal struggle between his past and his future. And what happens if—or when—Jeremy’s meticulously-constructed life starts to crumble? The obstacles loom large in this tense and terrifying thriller…

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