New WWI Book, “The Baker Boys”

New WWI Book, “The Baker Boys”

This is a story not just of the war, but also of family misfortune, emigration and brotherly love

Description: When most can be deleted with the push of a button, how much history will we leave for our own ancestors to remember us by? This very thought occurred to Russell Baker when he discovered his grandfather, Victor Baker’s, century old, long forgotten, World War I diary. In addition to vividly describing battles and near death experiences from German U-boats, the journal revealed an unknown family secret; Victor had an older brother, Malcolm, who gave his life during the conflict. Baker, along with historian Clint McInnes scoured the diary and pieced together the unique war story of the brothers. They detailed their findings in the book “The Baker Boys.” Containing pictures, quotes, excerpts from the actual diary, as well as little known facts about World War I, ‘the war to end all wars’.

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Price: $39.18 to $40.00

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