New Thriller: The Brotherhood of Purity, by Thomas DiCarlo and Connie D. Atkinson

New Thriller: The Brotherhood Of Purity, By Thomas DiCarlo And Connie D. Atkinson

The Brotherhood of Purity

Description: It's a heart-thumping race against the clock to stop the most relentless terror machine the world has ever produced in the new thriller, The Brotherhood of Purity, by brother and sister team Thomas DiCarlo and Connie D. Atkinson. Inspired by their personal experiences of the 9/11 attack in New York, they have created a tale that looks at terror from all sides -- even entering the mind of a terrorist to explore his own motivations -- and questions the effectiveness of our current "War on Terror" tactics. The book's protagonist, world-renowned journalist and TV anchor David Anderson, is propelled into investigating a deadly and highly secretive organization, the Brotherhood of Purity, after it directs two simultaneous catastrophic terror attacks in San Francisco. Thousands are killed, including David's father. He and two colleagues work frantically to unravel the Brotherhood's secrets and crack its code in time to prevent the next major attack.

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Price: $22.98 to $26.95

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