Peppy Castro (Blues Magoos) release's new solo album

Description: Considered to be one of the early pioneers of the psychedelic garage-band rock, you can’t miss Castro’s signature edgy vocals in this new collection of songs all written, produced, and engineered by Peppy himself including musical guests - Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford from Aerosmith, Marty Kumersmith from Jay and The Americans, Billy & Bobby Alessi from Barnaby Bye. An interesting note - Castro has chosen to add the credits as Audio Files, the first to do such a thing. The listener can get the scoop on each song as well as who is on the cut. It is also noted he plays many of the instruments on the CD himself. From the upbeat melody of 'Willie Blue’, written for his late wife-to the infectious hook of the title cut 'Just Beginning' (prompted by a conversation with his friend, and music legend Richie Havens,) every song offers a unique sound for the listener. Castro says "music is a gift that has never let him down and has the power to call upon every human emotion" - this solo album is a perfect example of that. A founding member of legendary rock group," The Blues Magoos,” Castro went on to form rock band Balance, star in HAIR on Broadway, currently plays with Long Island Hall of Famers - Barnaby Bye and serves as associate producer for new off Broadway show "The Gong Show Live.” His songs have been recorded by the likes of Kiss, Cher, Diana Ross and others.

Peppy Castro new solo album- 'Just Beginning'

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Price: $12.95 to $15.95

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