Melissa's Gift

Melissa's Gift

Melissa's Gift

Description: Melissa’s Gift, a memoir (ISBN 978-0-9836179-3-8) by psychotherapist, teacher, consultant and public speaker Olin Dodson, available now from Bay Tree Publishing. In August 1990, a solitary, unmarried man received a phone call from a stranger who informed him that he was the father of an eleven-year-old child who wanted to meet him. Melissa, who lived with her mother in a small town in Costa Rica, had the incurable disease known as cystic fibrosis. Melissa’s Gift recounts Olin Dodson’s extraordinary relationship with his daughter. Written with elegance, beauty and power, Melissa’s Gift is an unforgettable story and a deeply moving reading experience. “Melissa’s Gift takes us on a thrilling, roller-coaster ride in scenic settings—from rural Costa Rica to Colorado’s Rockies. But at its heart, this story is a family drama unlike any you’ve ever read. It features a man and his daughter who—in the face of great obstacles—never let go of their dreams. The lessons the father learns (often unwillingly) will inspire many to love more deeply. Melissa’s Gift is a must read for every daughter, every father, for everyone who loves at all.” —Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, MSW, MPH, co-author of The Power of Two.

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