Make Your Valentine's Kiss More Enjoyable!

Make Your Valentine's Kiss More Enjoyable!

The Soft Goat Packaging

Description: Valentine's day is all about loving and kissing so be sure your man is prepared with The Soft Goat! The Soft Goat is a new, innovative product that addresses the controversial issue of sharp facial hair. This hypoallergenic pad softens the sharp edges that trimming and shaving leave behind, leaving a man's face soft and kissable until his next shave. The Soft Goat is a first-of-it's kind grooming tool for men to use and women and children to benefit from. It's a must have for all men these days given the fact that stubble is the new sexy, but it's also scratchy to the loved one's faces. We have literally had men and women tell us that this simple product has changed their life. Even children love it because their dad's faces aren't too scratchy to kiss after using it.

The Soft Goat- product itself

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Price: $11.99

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