Loving You Enlightens Me: A Tantric Journey (book)

Loving You Enlightens Me: A Tantric Journey (book)

This book could improve your love life... A LOT!

Description: A personal journey of love by the wife of comedian Ron Landry. Twenty-one years of conflict and discontent are transformed into bliss when Margo and Ron learn to practice a daily ritual of sexual and spiritual connection. This Tantric ritual transforms their relationship from frequent pain and doubt to 21 years of love and joy which ends only when Ron dies of cancer. Finding a new love at the age of 65, Margo finds that the magic of daily connection is easily taught to her new love. It becomes the basis of another blissful relationship which is still going strong today after nine years. This loving and personal autobiography tells all: The adventures and searching of a spiritual being who finally triumphs over doubt and insecurity to find the meaning of true love and the secret key to a life of daily bliss and satisfaction. Inspired by a tantra workshop, Margo goes on to develop her own personal style of daily connection with her beloved which almost always leads to an orgasmic connection with her love and with the divine spirit. By allowing personal boundaries to melt, the separation of the ego is erased leading to a blissful God connection and unity consciousness. Part two of the book discusses how readers can learn to make this daily journey a sacred ritual in their own life.

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