Love! Laugh! Panic! Life with My Mother by Rosemary Mild

Love! Laugh! Panic! Life With My Mother By Rosemary Mild

Love! Laugh! Panic! Life with My Mother by Rosemary Mild

Description: Don’t we all have mixed emotions about our mothers? That sentiment echoes loudly—and often hilariously—throughout the pages of Love! Laugh! Panic!, Rosemary Pollack Mild’s tribute to her own complicated mother, Luby Pollack. Luby was a mother like no other: extraordinarily talented, yet extraordinarily difficult to live with. She was many things: a skilled journalist, a popular book author, club woman extraordinaire—a true leader, and even an artist of sorts. But Luby Pollack often had a daunting role to play. In the delivery room during Rosemary’s birth, Luby’s psychiatrist husband ordered her not to make any noise during labor, as it was “unseemly for a doctor’s wife.” Rosemary grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When she set out to write a book strictly about herself, she found daunting circumstances of her own (Luby went so far as to rewrite Rosemary’s ninth-grade autobiography assignment). Originally intending to publish a selection of personal essays, Rosemary discovered that Mother popped up on every page. Looming. Encouraging. Warning. Always the Protagonist, the Star, the Heroine, the Antagonist—and sometimes, from the viewpoint of a loving but ornery daughter, the Villain.

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