Linda Marie Smith's new album, Mearra – "Selkie from the Sea"

Linda Marie Smith's New Album, Mearra – "Selkie From The Sea"

Linda Marie Smith's "Mearra - Selkie from the Sea"

Description: The ancient Celtic legend of the Selkie, a mythical seal with the mysterious ability to metamorphose into a human being, is the setting for Chicago-based singer/songwriter Linda Marie Smith’s fourth album, "Mearra – Selkie from the Sea." With a genre-crossing vocal style that encompasses a folk/rock sensibility, Linda Marie Smith’s music is romantic, soulful, earthy, and mystical, with lyrics and melodies that weave colorful stories of curious places and intriguing people. Linda has been compared to the likes of Christina Perri, Aimee Mann, Lucinda Williams, Natalie Merchant, Jewel, and Sarah McLachlan. The album begins with Mearra, a young Selkie maiden, falling in love with Ian, a lonely fisherman entranced by her beauty. Mearra bids farewell to her life in the sea, marries Ian, and starts a family. However, at the end of seven years, a Selkie must return to her watery cosmos. The sea inexorably calls for Mearra’s return. An enigmatic and bittersweet story of love, loss, and transformation, "Mearra – Selkie from the Sea" transports listeners, inviting children and adults alike to use their imaginations as they enter an enchanted world that has inspired writers and composers like Yeats, Synge, and Arnold Bax for centuries.

Linda Marie Smith

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