LIFE Wonders of the World

LIFE Wonders Of The World

LIFE Wonders of the World

Description: Defining the world’s “wonders” has challenged historians, philosophers and pundits for 26 centuries. Now, LIFE puts its spin on the age-old debate with their newest title, LIFE Wonders of the World, a compilation of the Top 50 Wonders in the universe, including Seven Wonders hand-picked by LIFE’s editors. From cover to cover, the book leads armchair travelers on an adventure beyond compare. This must-have photographic collection makes LIFE Wonders of the World this year’s top holiday gift for photography aficionados, history buffs and travel enthusiasts alike. LIFE’s Seven Wonders are presented as collectible, stand-alone 8” x 10” prints – each completely detachable and suitable for framing. Once the photo is removed from its page, a duplicate photo remains underneath, leaving the book’s pages aesthetically intact. Culled from LIFE’s archives, these vintage prints are ready to be displayed in home, office or given as gifts, a measurable bonus value to the images and text. This unique format of removable prints, which won a 2009 Bookbinders Guild Award, debuted in last year’s popular holiday gift title, LIFE The Classic Collection.

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Price: $29.95

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