In Search of a Family: A Story of an International Adoption

In Search Of A Family: A Story Of An International Adoption

Learn how to adopt internationally from a couple who experienced it first hand.

Description: Their story has been more than 10 years in the making. Set in the ex-Soviet bloc country of Ukraine, Kevin and Ginger Carlisle travel through this young, independent republic to finally carry out their dreams of completing their family. Though they encounter numerous obstacles, their hopes aren’t derailed. Braving Ukrainian election tensions and protestors, heartbreaking events, financial concerns, and changing adoption policies, they navigate the emotional and psychological maze of the bureaucracy and physical logistics of an international adoption. An eleventh hour attempt by the children’s family member jeopardizes the Carlisles’ attempt in searching for a family. They endure the hardships of the language barrier and infrastructure but are able to uncover the little-known beauty of Ukraine and its people, all while placing their life in the United States on hold. Complete with color photos from the Carlisles’ Ukranian excursion, In Search of a Family: The Story of An International Adoption takes the reader inside a personal journey through the unknowns of an international adoption. As their destiny patiently waits, they keep reciting the mantra of all those who had come before them: Keep your focus on the goal of bringing home your children.

Price: $19.95

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