How to Write and Publish a Successful Children’s Book: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

How To Write And Publish A Successful Children’s Book: Everything You Need To Know Explained Simply

Learn how to survive in a "bunny-eat-bunny" world with this book from Atlantic Publishing Group

Description: Embark on a journey into a child’s imagination. The Whole Language Approach, implemented in classrooms in the 1980s, is based upon the idea that children learn best when using all language skills at once: reading, listening, thinking, and writing. With this new idea, textbooks were soon replaced with books that molded young minds by establishing a connection. As a result, children were able to absorb more information. Aside from establishing a connection with young readers, Executive Director Kristen McLean, of The Association of Booksellers for Children, says an author must be immersed in his or her work in order to write a truly unique piece that captures a child’s interest. What impresses McLean, she says, is “one of the following things: an amazing and honest voice; an off-beat premise; emotional authenticity; a timeless adventure; or unflinching love of a character on the part of an author, especially if the character is flawed.” Do you want to engage the minds of young readers and expand their horizons? At Atlantic, Publishing, we have a book for that.

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