Get Empowered Now with the Pinwheel Girls!

Get Empowered Now With The Pinwheel Girls!

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight ~ A Unique and Charming Gift Book focused 100% on Women's Empowerment!

Description: Get empowered now with the Pinwheel Girls in this beautifully illustrated, soft cover gift book, The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight ~ Every Woman's Journey Through Transformation! The mission of the Pinwheel Girls is to empower women to be true to themselves and to live the life they love and want. Through fluid poses, the Pinwheel Girls tell the story of going inside, unfolding, surfacing, expanding, ascending, coming back down and sharing visions as they chronicle profound personal change with poetic "messages from the wind" - a metaphor for the Inner Voice. The Pinwheel Girls encourage women to explore their depths and heights, embrace authenticity, and get off the sticks they are stuck to. Encouraging liberation, the Pinwheel Girls help women reconnect with what has been lost, cultivate courage, and pursue their dreams fearlessly. They tell the story of Every Woman! This charming book makes a great gift for ANY WOMAN regardless of age or life experience. Come meet the Pinwheel Girls!

Get off the Stick and Fly with the Pinwheel Girls! Get Empowered Now!

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Price: $24.95

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