Get Healthy and Feel Great The Paleo Way

Get Healthy And Feel Great The Paleo Way

Optimum Health the Paleo Way: A 28 Day Plan to Adopt the Paleo Lifestyle With A Diet Designed to Help You Get Healthy and Fell Great

Description: Eating the Paleo way is not about becoming a caveman! Instead, it is all about listening to your body, getting back to a more natural, seasonal way of eating, nourishing your body with tasty whole foods, and living a more balanced lifestyle. Along the way, you’ll automatically consume far less sugar, avoid preservatives and processed foods, and throw away the calorie counter. In Optimum Health the Paleo Way, Paleo nutritionist Claire Yates explains clearly why unhealthiness is on the increase and how the Paleo lifestyle (not diet) can help. Claire sets out the key aspects of the Paleo lifestyle, including the importance of food as medicine, and the truth about fats, carbs, protein, and fiber. She then takes you through the 28 day reset meal plan before including more than 100 delicious Paleo recipes that will get you feeling great while eating some of the tastiest food of your life! Adopting a Paleo template is essentially about eating fewer processed foods and more whole foods that do not cause any ill effects. Our rates of food allergies are skyrocketing and the most common culprits include dairy, wheat, and soy. This is no surprise as it has been recognized in naturopathic medicine for a long time that compounds in these foods can cause health issues.

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