GemEx Rated Diamonds

GemEx Rated Diamonds

Beauty on a Budget

Description: GemEx rated diamonds are the most luxurious and beautiful diamonds around – and can be the most cost effective. These diamonds are graded on light performance and show the true beauty of diamonds. Available at retailers such as Leo Schacter, Kay Jewelers, Sterling and many others, this diamond grading system is becoming the standard for purchasing diamonds. Many people think a highly priced 4C rated diamond is the way to get the prettiest diamond. Not so, says diamond light performance expert Randy Wagner, CEO, GemEx who says, “The 4Cs have everything to do with rarity, but nothing to do with appearance. If you shop carefully and trade rarity for appearance, you really can get more for your money. This is particularly relevant in this economy; we recently conducted a survey and 85% of respondents told us they still plan to propose, with diamond in hand, despite this economic downturn.” So it is time to spread the word on how budget-conscious consumers can get a better diamond for less. It is time to make your Valentine stand out in a room? Look for GemEx rated diamonds to really put a spark for your Valentine’s Day.

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Price: $100.00 to $5,000.00

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