Gay, Adopted and Jewish

Gay, Adopted And Jewish

A Short Jew in the Body of a Tall W.A.S.P.

Description: Honest, often funny and sometimes heartbreaking account of the struggles of Mark Okun, an adopted gay man. As a tall blonde haired, blue-eyed gay man raised by loving, dark, small Jewish parents, Okun reflects on the feeling that his genes are at war with his upbringing as he tries to figure out how he fits in his own world. Through A Short Jew in the Body of a Tall W.A.S.P. he shares his personal love, loss and often late-night adventures, all of which he made it through thanks to his mismatched family. With dashingly good looks as a young gay man, doors opened at an early age for acceptance into the world of hard partying, rock and roll, drugs and sex. It was a wild and fun ride yet it came with a toll to pay. When the alcohol and drugs wore off and the epidemic of HIV/AIDS hit hard, it was the strong family values of his adoptive parents that provided him with the strength to overcome the odds. Filled with colorful characters of the times in the gay world of 1970’s and 80’s. A Short Jew in the Body of a Tall W.A.S.P. tells stories of the party life, the struggles in the gay community for acceptance and how everything crashed around him as Okun watched as his friends – one by one – get sick and die from this unknown disease.

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