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Fragile by Chris Katsaropoulos

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Fragile By Chris Katsaropoulos


Description: Amelia, Tris and Holly, the characters in Chris Katsaropoulos’ new novel, are indeed fragile. Each is broken in one way or another, shaped and constrained by their relationships with others - basing their individual framework on how people see them. They have lived their lives as fragments of their whole selves, searching day-to-day for the missing pieces to make them whole once more. In his new novel, Fragile, Katsaropoulos introduces a writing technique that emphasizes the broken lives of his characters. With mid-sentence transitions between fragments of text from each character’s viewpoint, Katsaropoulos weaves together these fragile lives until each experiences their defining moment of realization. These three individuals have led somewhat separate lives until they are brought together by a common profound truth, through uncommon circumstances.

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Price: $14.95

Published on Apr 11, 2011

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