For Dads Who Think They're Smart

For Dads Who Think They're Smart

Amusing Brain Teasers for Ages 8 - 88

Description: Now your dad can prove that he really is a genius. But warn him first. The brain games in SMART IS AS SMART DOES are highly clever. Answers are obvious and uncomplicated but often overlooked. When finally discovered, dad will be totally surprised and will wonder how he could have possibly missed what seems so obvious. Both light-hearted and challenging, the brainteasers are just right to tantalize and tease the brains of dads (& moms) of all ages and educational levels. They’re a fun way to test and improve thinking, concentration and memory skills. Three sections: (1) Brain Warm-ups, (2) Brain Workouts and (3) Brain Bogglers. Each section includes a playful assessment of intelligence. TV host and comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Queen of Comedy Betty White have endorsed the book. Your family will love it too.

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Price: $9.95

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