Ask the Experts: Tips For Finding Wedding Dresses

For many brides the process of trying on a variety of wedding dresses in bridal shops can be something of a daunting task but it can be made easier by planning ahead.

The first step is to set a budget because most brides will be spending a small fortune on their wedding dress and will also need to consider designer evening dresses also which may be pricey.

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The reason why wedding dresses can be expensive is because a lot of work goes into them, for instance nearly 50metres of fabric will be used for a ball gown style dress. The fabric will also need to be of a good quality and this will be expensive.

Brides also need to appreciate what their budget is going to be and then stick to it because once the budget is set the bride knows where to begin to look for a wedding dress and in which bridal shop London has a wide range of boutiques for every possible budget.

It also pays to call ahead to see whether the boutique fits into the budget - be aware though that bespoke wedding dress designers will not display prices since the design is unique but they will be able to give a starting price.

Remember too that shopping for wedding dresses is meant to be a fun and rewarding experience in finding a dress for a bride's big day so use the experience of sales assistants and the bridal shop owner to help find that dream wedding dress.

With such a broad range of wedding dress fashions to choose from, it's easy for a bride to become confused over which fashion is most suitable for her and her wedding.

While it can be a fun experience trying on lots of designer wedding dresses London has too much choice really for brides so the bridal party should restrict the number being tried on; most bridal shops will say between five and 10 dresses will give a good idea of what will suit.

Finally, it's important that the bride attends a bridal shop fitting without a big entourage and just takes one or two people with them, including her mother, to give an opinion they can trust and they should also wear the correct undergarments as well as shoes so they will be able to try on the dress without wondering whether there will be problems nearer the big day because they have selected the wrong underwear or shoes.

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