Enchantment Ädventyr, H.C.A. & I Understand

Enchantment Ädventyr, H.C.A. & I Understand

Enchantment Ädventyr

Description: “What makes a tale memorable?,” asks Carol Elizabeth Skog. “I believe they weave together folklore, traditions and family history.” Growing up hearing Swedish fairy tales, listening to Swedish music and eating Swedish food at home, Skog became determined - at the tender age of four - to go to Sweden and visit the land of her ancestors. With a Scandinavian Studies degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, Skog has spent years studying the Swedish culture, fairy tales and her genealogy. Inspired to share her journey with others, Skog blended her knowledge into the delightful new book, Enchantment Ädventyr, H.C.A. & I Understand. Anyone seeking to know and understand three of the most important traditional Swedish customs and their special holiday food, will find this book delightful. The Appendix includes three holiday menus and select traditional recipes the book's characters enjoyed. Skog also includes tips and resources on how she researched her heritage. “Genealogy is the third largest hobby in the United States,” adds Skog. “I wanted to share with other the feeling of wholeness and grounding I experienced through my heritage search and encourage them to seek out their own family history.”

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