Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job... One of the Best Indie Published Book Titles of the Year!

Dr. Hackenbush Gets A Job... One Of The Best Indie Published Book Titles Of The Year!

Filled with wit and humor

Description: Finally, the book for anyone who’s ever worked in an office when they’d rather be making art. The book for anyone who’s ever worked with an artist making ends meet between gigs. Set in 1988, Mabel Hackenbush is between gigs, her baritone ukulele smashed, and her car in the shop, she is bravely temp secretarying her way to a kinder, gentler, not to mention, solvent life until she can get back to her real work as a jazz standards singer. • Absolutely WITTY & HILARIOUS! • Get the book that Warner Books calls “appealing” and “lively”! • Avalon Publishing group describes it as “touching and quite funny”!

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Price: $12.00

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