"Death Goes Postal" by Rosemary and Larry Mild

"Death Goes Postal" By Rosemary And Larry Mild

"Death Goes Postal" by Rosemary and Larry Mild

Description: A mesmerizing mystery that enchants from the first page to the last, Death Goes Postal heralds the advent off a charming new series. Filled with captivating characters and a plot to die for, Death Goes Postal takes readers on a wild—and wildly entertaining—ride. Death Goes Postal features reluctant amateur sleuths Dan and Rivka Sherman. Presented with an offer too good to refuse, the Shermans give up their successful professional careers to become owners of The Olde Victorian Bookstore in Annapolis, Maryland. But owning this bookstore turns out to be anything but by the book. Rare fifteenth-century typesetting artifacts leave a horrifying imprint in their wake: mugging, robbery, kidnapping—and murder. Risking life and limb, Dan and Rivka must piece together cryptic clues to solve this perilous puzzle and unmask the ruthless suspect behind the crimes. Will Dan & Rivka close the book on this crime spree once and for all?

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