Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's

Cooking With All Things Trader Joe's

Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's

Description: Ever wished you had your own kitchen prep crew? Well, you do. At your neighborhood gourmet grocer, Trader Joe's. There you'll find unique, fully prepped sauces, washed and cut vegetables, ready-to-use salads, gourmet cheeses, marinated meats, and even cooked items ready to assemble--from all around the world. The food at Trader Joe's is delicious, has no artificial ingredients, and is consistently high quality. Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati, women who love food, cooking, and Trader Joe's, decided to write a cookbook devoted to their favorite grocer, called "Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's." It features ingenious recipes--from appetizers to desserts--that can be assembled in minutes and require a single shopping trip. From the fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables to the specialty sauces and condiments, frozen seafood, and even the wine--every ingredient in these recipes is available at Trader Joe's. This is a one-of-a-kind cookbook for people who love to eat delicious gourmet meals, but don't have the time to shop, prep, and cook them. Readers will learn how to use fresh ingredients strategically coupled with pre-prepped items to make amazing dishes in less time than it takes to toast a bagel.

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