CDO Chief Daddy Officer by Chris Efessiou

CDO Chief Daddy Officer By Chris Efessiou

CDO Chief Daddy Officer: The Business of Fatherhood

Description: When Chris Efessiou found himself divorced and raising his seven-year-old daughter as a single parent, he used his acute business and management skills to create a road map for parenting. By empowering business skills such leadership , mentoring, planning and team building into your parenting approach, you can become the kind of parent your kid will thank you for later. In CDO Chief Daddy Officer: The Business of Fatherhood, Chris reveals the secrets to being a great business leader and how to translate that into raising happy, independent, fulfilled children. Chris Efessiou is the innovative, straightforward mentor that every working parent needs! As an astute business leader, Chris learned early on that the skills he acquired in the boardroom transitioned seamlessly to the family room. Planning, setting expectations and measuring results, building team unity and empowerment, fostering bilateral communication, mentoring, leading by example and being physically present and emotionally available are essential components for both a prosperous business and loving family. By tuning into the message of CDO Chief Daddy Officer, you can become the organized, bold leader at home that you are at the office without compromising quality time with either.

Parenting Expert, Chris Efessiou

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