"Believe" by Jan Walters

"Believe" By Jan Walters

"Believe" by Jan Walters

Description: In “Believe” by Jan Walters, a modern day woman, Ann, is compelled to purchase an antique photo album she finds in a vintage bookstore. Ann finds herself oddly attracted to a man pictured in the album. Meanwhile, Ann’s love life is spiraling out of control as she breaks off a relationship with a coworker and he begins to stalk her. The co-worker attempts to physically attack her and they are both thrown back into time. Ann wakes up in the house of the attractive male she was gazing from the album and he mistakenly identifies her as his fiancé who was previously missing. She must avoid her present day stalker in Victorian England while navigating a relationship with the mysterious 19th century man.

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Price: $19.95 to $20.00

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