Beamz Player - Interactive Music System

Beamz Player - Interactive Music System

Beamz...Play The Light

Description: Don't Just Listen To Music...Experience It By Playing Light! The Beamz Player is a unique laser controller gadget that enables anyone, regardless of age and musical capability, to have fun creating, playing, mixing and recording incredible music in minutes. It’s easy and Beamz interactive music encompasses all music styles and genres – rock, pop, techno, jazz, classical, hip hop, metal, Dubstep – no one’s music interest is left behind. In each interactive song up to 12 different instruments, music clips and sound effects are harmoniously paired with a background song rhythm track. So now you can join the band, be the band, be a conductor and even have DJ like experiences, by playing light to interact with hundreds of different instruments and sound effects. Watch the expressions and smiles when you and your friends touch the laser beams and create concert like music and DJ effects. By breaking the path of each light beam with your hand, this laser instrument will unleash the musician or DJ in anyone – and everything is setup for you to sound great no matter how you play the light!

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Price: $149.95 to $199.95

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