"A Giant Pencil" by Connor Wilson

"A Giant Pencil" By Connor Wilson

"A Giant Pencil" by Connor Wilson

Description: Written by a kid for kids, A Giant Pencil will is a charming, clever, heartwarming story with an important message that will resonate with parents, teachers, and kids of all ages. A Giant Pencil is the story of Billy, a grumpy kid who believes that everyone—his brothers and sisters, his parents, his teachers, the kids at school, and even the dog next door—is picking on him. Fed up with being fussed at, singled out, and bullied, Billy just wants people to leave him alone. Everything changes when Billy finds a magic, giant pencil. Now, Billy can erase anyone he doesn’t like and make them disappear. Finally, Billy’s dream of being left alone is within his reach. A few swipes from the eraser and his siblings, classmates, teachers, parents, and even the dog next door, simply disappear. But his dream becomes a nightmare when Billy finds that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be—and realizes just how much his family, teachers, classmates (and even the dog next door) mean to him. Left with only a nub of an eraser, Billy hatches a plan. Could there be some more magic left in this magic giant pencil?

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