101 Recipes for Making Wild Wines at Home A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Herbs, Fruits, and Flowers

101 Recipes For Making Wild Wines At Home A Step-by-Step Guide To Using Herbs, Fruits, And Flowers

Wild about wine? Find delicious recipes with this title from Atlantic Publishing Group

Description: Wild about wine? Who isn’t? With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas close behind, ‘tis the cooking season, and there’s no better way toast with family and friends with glasses of homemade wine. Do you want to learn to make wine that will wow your family and friends for the season’s celebrations? At Atlantic Publishing, we have a book for that. 101 Recipes for Making Wild Wines At Home has wild wine recipes that will entice your taste buds. These recipes use the best herbs, fruits, and flowers to create some of the most beloved drinks. The basics of wild wine recipes are laid out here in great detail, providing everything you need to know to understand and start making your own wine in no time. Without the right instruction and resources, winemaking can result in just another pile of sour grapes — this book will walk you through every process necessary in creating wine with your personal touch. This book doesn’t stop at step-by-step instructions — you’ll get the history of wine and dozens of tips and tricks from home winemakers. So grab a glass and fill it with your creation.

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