Connected Room MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge - Big Gifts and Big Stars

The Connected Room MTV Movie Awards Lounge held in Los Angeles on April 13th, brought out some of the biggest names in Hollywood and provided a huge party atmosphere for everyone in attendance to help get the big weekend started. The stars never seemed to stop coming, including: Dee Wallace who starred in “E.T.”, Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster on “The Munsters”, Datone Jones of UCLA who is prepping for the upcoming NFL Draft and NBA great Olden Polynice.

When it comes to getting your hair ready for a Red Carpet Event you can’t put your hair in better hands than Alan Eschenburg and his Belegenza line of hair care products. Alan created Belegenza as he wanted to bring a line of hair care products that was actually good for you, your hair and your scalp and he did that by using food-grade ingredients as opposed to a bunch of products no one can pronounce. Alan was gifting his amazing Belegenza shampoo and an assortment of other hair care products for guests.

Belegenza Hair Care

Let Them Play is a great charity that helps children in need be able to participate in activities that might not otherwise be possible. They were at the event getting help from celebrities and getting them to get involved with the charity in any way that they could.

Let Them Play

One of the most fun people to visit during this MTV Movie Weekend was David Groode. David does a number of great things such as numerology, life coaching, personal development seminars, but what he was providing this day was intuitive reading. David is able to really take a look at what you have upcoming in your life and help guide you in the direction that is most beneficial, well worth a visit if you have any questions about your life.

David Groode

Tami Cooper of Hollywood Props was providing her insight and knowledge into the world of product placement and there is no question that Tami knows what she is doing in her field because she had big name products galore at her fingertips.

Tami Cooper of Hollywood Props

Beauty Affair was helping everyone look their best with their makeup and hair tips from their experts in bridal makeup and hair. Who wants to look good just for the red carpet? So to make sure you will look stunning in the future, Beauty Affair was gifting certificates for makeup, hair and a photo session.

Beauty Affair

Alka Pure was gifting their premium natural alkaline drinking water in bottles as well as there easy to take a long Go Pak Concentrate. The Go Pak Concentrate comes in a tiny vial and you just pop it open and add it to water. Alka Pure improves hydration, works to detoxify you and restores electrolytes.

Dee Wallace

Gigi Hill gifted an assortment of their glamorous handbags and cases to guests. Vibrant and stylish looks, Gigi Hill starts at small handbags and makeup cases and works their way up to bigger handbags and accessories, so no matter what the occasion, your Gigi Hill bag will make sure you have plenty of room for whatever you are carrying.

Gigi Hill Bags

Guests who might have been looking for a last minute change to their outfit or just something that could change their wardrobe, California Sleeves was gifting their great arm sleeves to everyone in attendance. The arm sleeves come in solid colors as well as some great patterns and can change a short sleeve shirt into a great new long sleeve design in just seconds, pull them up and you are done, that simple.

California Sleeves

What is the one thing if you don’t have in your house, you absolutely need? A sauna of course and Health Mate Sauna was gifting certificates that were valued at $2,500 towards the purchase of sauna for your home. Health Mate has a wide variety of saunas, but who could go wrong with the perfect one person sauna that would fit perfect in nearly any home. There is nothing like coming home from a stressful day at work and climbing into your own personal sauna to unwind.

Health Mate Sauna

Sweet Privileges had a table full of their amazing cake pops, a perfect coating on the outside and moist cake on the inside. Beautifully designed by Sweet Privileges, you can see why they would do an amazing job setting up any type of party or event you would have planned. You think of the treat, Sweet Privileges will bring it to life.

Sweet Privileges Cake Pops

I’m not sure who started the recent mustache craze, but if you are ready to take part in it, StacheTats is perfect for you. Guests were given a wide assortment of temporary StacheTats tattoos so that they could put on their own mustache, any color or design you could think of. By the end of the day you were able to see blue, red and many other color mustaches all over the building.


There are cupcakes and then there are Sweet Endings Cupcakes. Sweet Endings treated everyone to a wide assortment of decadent cupcakes that were rich, flavorful and left you wanting to try the next flavor and the next flavor.

Sweet Endings Cupcakes

I-Texts was working to team up with celebrities to help raise money for any charity they might work with or are looking to support. I-Texts is able to raise funds for charities by getting celebrities along with their charities to use twitter and get fans and followers to tweet out messages. A simple and easy way to give back.


What kid would not love to go outside among the stars and fire a rocket into space? Galaxy Shooters bring you as close to this as possible with this great toy that seems to climb and climb into the sky.

Galaxy Shooters

Bids that Give was providing information about their auctions that give back. For each one of your purchases Bids that Give automatically creates funding for children's charities all over the world.

Datone Jones of UCLA with Bids that Give

Cassie’s Candies, Desserts and More had a wide assortment of sweet treats for everyone to indulge in. Cassie’s Candies can customize dessert bars and candy buffets, creating a unique product that will match any theme, company color or anything else that you might be looking for. After tasting the great treats from Cassie’s Candies, I’m sure that you find them at many celebrity functions in the near future.

Cassie's Candies

For those who were looking to get a little creative, Tie Dye Your Summer was not only allowing guests to create their very own unique tye dye right on site, but they also gifted a tye dye kit for everyone to take home. Who does not like to wear something they can call their own and was created from their own hands, the Tie Dye Your Summer kit also makes a great gift.

Tie Dye

One of the most popular stops on the day was Hubert's Lemonade. Perfect for the upcoming summer heat with all of the fresh juices and so many great flavors, in addition to regular lemonade some of the favorites were strawberry lemonade, raspberry lemonade and cherry limeade.

Hubert's Lemonade

Just when everyone needed a break from walking around, Slim Chillers had there frozen alcohol pops ready to go. Just like the frozen pops you remember from when you were a kid, Slim Chiller made the perfect alcohol version. In addition Slim Chillers was gifting a package of all of their goodies.

Slim Chillers

There are so many energy shots on the market you probably think you have seen them all. Well Aero Shot is new and unique and they were giving out samples of their great new energy shot that is nothing more than a shot of air. Simple and easy to use and gives you all the energy of one of those poor tasting liquid shots.

Aero Shot

In case you leave those gym shoes in your gym bag a little to long reach for some Sweet Feet Spray. Sweet Feet Spray was gifting bottles of their amazing spray that destroys shoe odor on the spot. The spray smells so good you just might find yourself using it in your car, in your house, trying to get rid of that dog smell you can never seem to get rid of, a great product.

Sweet Feet

CIGR8 was gifting an assortment of their electronic cigarettes to guests. A great alternative to regular tobacco products, CIGR8 releases a smoke that isn’t an actual smoke and it is not known to be harmful to the environment or other people.


Breo USA had their entire line of products on hand to make everyone a little bit more relaxed. Breo has a great line of products that include: a head massager, neck massager, hand massager and even an eye massager. Guests were gifted with a gift from Breo.

Breo USA

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