Connected Gift Room Celebrates Moms - Bringing the Best Products Home for Mother's Day

The Connected Celebrity Gift Room celebrated Mothers at their most recent event. Many celebrities young and old came to enjoy the wide array of products presented.  The atmosphere was upbeat with the DJ mixing the music.  Stars and their moms enjoyed all the products being offered.

Get It Fixed

Get it Fixed for every electronic failure or damage. Its your one stop shop to get it fixed. Whether it’s water damage, a cracked screen, bad battery, they can fix it.  “Our Goal is to provide the very best in service and repairs of your products!” Get It Fixed is the place to go. 

Soda Guns & Roses Bartending Academy

Soda Guns & Roses Bartending Academy is the place to go if you want to impress friends at a house party, or if you want to work at a classy lounge or bar.  They teach you how to mix drinks, and use fresh products to add to the mix. They have private and group lessons, so you can make it a date night or a friends night! 

Vaiva Models

Vaiva Models were there to help the some of the celebrities make their rounds.  They also were their promoting the different make-up artists including Karla Elizabeth.  The make-up artists were giving touch-ups for hair and make-up!

Learn to Surf

There many places to go if you want to learn to surf, but the best in LA is Learn To Surf LA. No matter the season they have lessons all year round! “Our technique has proven itself time and time again--Everybody gets up on their very first surfing lesson!”  They even offer a Surf Camp for the enthusiasts.

Hubert's Lemonade

Hubert’s Lemonade a drink to make you smile.  Fill your thirst with one of their many flavors.  Made from natural juices, the lemonade never fails to taste good.  Try the original, honey lemonade, raspberry lemonade, mango lemonade, or any other flavor for a drink you keep going back too.

Ten Get Both

Wipe your worries away with the new 10 calories sodas.  If you love soda you can have the same great taste with less calories.  Try 7UP Ten, Dr. Pepper Ten, Sunkists Ten, A&W Ten or any of the other flavors, and enjoy worry free.  Get the Ten Sodas today!! 

Bare Fruit

Bare Fruit is there for a healthy snack any time in the day. “Made from Washington State apples (and nothing else) our apple chips are low in calories, fat free, full of fiber, and so good even your kids will love them.”

Sweet Endings Cupcakes

Sweet Endings Cupcakes didn’t disappoint as we tried their new flavors.  The  salted caramel cupcake was moist, sweet and absolutely divine. Other flavors among the favorites were, strawberry, lemon blueberry crunch, chocolate, and almond.

Perfectly Polished

Perfectly Polished nail salon in west Hollywood. They have a relaxing environment and a friendly atmosphere, bringing you a great place to pamper you and your friends. “Perfectly Polished is the finest house for nail care and the best pampering house for both ladies and gentlemen.”

GoGo Squeez & Smart Mom

Go Go Squezz applesauce on the go. Its delicious and nutrious! Sure its made with kids in mind but its great for adults who need a quick snack to take on thier way out the door.Smart Mom Teething Bling is safe for babies and stylish for moms.  Great for the curious baby. 

Best Psychic

Best Psychic offered a complimentary mini psychic reading that would unfold your past, present and future. Located in Los Angeles she does psychic readings, aura readings, tarot cards, chakra cleansings and more. “As a psychic she is here to help you find your way, your path, your answers. She wants to aide you in your life and unlock the ability to live limitless and free.” 

PLH Products

If you are looking for a home sauna PLH Products, Inc. is the place to go.  All their products are high class and worth the money spent.  They have great customer service to help with any needs.  From Affordable Sauna, to Health Mate and more they are the place to fill your needs. 


OxyHealth revolutionized the portable hyperbaric chamber.  The chamber helps the oxygen in your tissues reach their highest potential.  Giving you healthier insides, and healthier skin!

MK Sound

Always wanted to have the true theater sound in your own home?  With MK Sound home sound system you can get it. “MK home cinema loudspeakers will recreate a director’s vision more faithfully than any other system money can buy.” MK home cinema loudspeakers, quality speakers for your home.

Comfy Breasts

Comfy Breasts a system for those tired of not being able to lay on their stomach because it makes their breasts hurt. “The  Full Body, "Comfy Breasts™" Relaxation System, consists of 4 layers of heavenly comfort, that gives the most comfort imaginable for your entire torso. It is professionally formed to hug your torso comfortably, and gives your breasts an "outlet" to relax while laying on your stomach.”

Sweet Feet

Sweet Feet to help keep the stink away. “It was invented to destroy all foot odors at the source of its cause. The Black Label targets those daredevils that like to take extreme to a whole new level. The Pink Label focuses its attention to those hardworking soccer moms, children, families, and Guys with a taste for sweetness.” 

Alka Pure

Alka Pure water to keep you hydrated. “Naturally detoxify and hydrate your body with the very BEST chelated mineral, high-alkaline antioxidant water available.” Keep the  Alka Pure® Go Pak® Concentrate with you and add it to any drink to help you get through the day.

Love & Cupcake

Love & Cupcake has a delicious array of sweets.  Macaroons, cupcakes, cakepops, you decide.  They even make speciality cakes decorated specifically for your event. 


Shnoozles are the new way to help your children drift off to sleep.  Cuddly friends with eyelids that shut when it time for bed.  Each Shnoozle comes with a bedtime story that is sure to help the toughest sleeper drift off to dreamland. 

Zeenie Dollz

Zeenie Dollz are six new dolls hitting the markets soon, each doll brings to light an environmental cause that needs our attention. “Each Zeenie, in addition to being a trendsetter, possesses a secret identity and unique eco-power that protects the earth. Zeenie Dollz is a line of 12” dolls made completely of recycled plastics.”


Aloelicious with ecklonia cava is a healthy drink with the “best nutrition of the land and the sea.” “Ecklonia cava extract’s free radical scavenging ability is up to 100 times greater than any land-based antioxidants, inluding green tea, red wine’s Resveratol and the ever popular Acai berry.”


iTexts fundraising made simple.  An organization chooses their cause, members who join their cause recieve discounts, and part of the advertisers fees goes to the casue. Sign up today.

M&M Candles

M&M candles come in four scents: Red Hot Apple Cinnamon, Nutty Lemon, Tarty Pear, and Milk Chocolate. They are perfect for any occasion.

Kush Fine Art is full of emotions and draws the viewer in. Vladimir Kush paints in metaphors. “Any metaphor has its own story to tell. Metaphor “sees” through centuries, unveiling the images of the world and connecting notions created by civilization.”


Other great gifts were included as well.  Glass wear, hair brushes, lotion, bathmats, Topsy Turvey planter, hats, vitamens, legwarmers and Eggies.  There was something for every mom!

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