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A tagger, a self taught ingenue, an illustrator and a hip hop aficionado, may sound like a Spike Lee joint or a 2012 Rent-redo, but instead it was a few of the artists showcasing their work at"Gallery For The People's" latest "pop-up" opening.


The 2012 Spring exhibition held last Tuesday on March 6th, at the Penthouse Bar & Lounge, Soho House, shared new works from artists Curtis Kulig, Geoff Ellsworth, Karl Mullen, Patrick Hoelck, Gregers Heering, Vanessa Prager and Sage Vaughn. A multigenerational group of some of today’s most "established contemporary artists and coveted cinematic players",featuring over 40 works hand selected by curators Eva Maria Daniels and Ally Canosa. A percentage of the proceeds of which will directly benefitted The Elysium Project. Here in "pop-up" world, guests vary from accomplished buyers and everyday art lovers, to celebrity collectors as well and first-time investors. The idea being that both the established and emerging artists can mingle with the crowd, in a much more relaxed atmosphere. Sort of a temporary Lovefest that includes the artists, their work and a broad spectrum of eclectic guests. A legitimate reason to have a few cocktails and talk to complete and utter strangers. My 2 favorite past times! 


Danny Masterson, Melanie Griffith, Vanessa Prager


Spotted browsing were Taye Diggs, Geoff Ellsworth, Patrick Hoelck, Vanessa Prager, John Singleton, Ashton Kutcher (in a rather fetching wooly cardigan) and Danny Masterson - (*that boy's got what my people call "GOOD" hair!)   Leggy lovelies Bijou Phillips, Melanie Griffith and daughter Dakota Johnson all positively glowed with the "good looks" gene, just at the exact moment when I realized my pint glass was accentuating my already rather large man hands. A photographer actually asked why I was holding my lager like a "weapon" and did I intend to "clobber" anyone?  "Just you" I chortled. Oh how we guffawed, just before I slinked away feverishly thrusting my palms in my pockets. 


Sage Vaughn "Time Will Cum"


Patrick Hoelck, "Alicia K"



Wondering around I did have that moment, when a few pieces somehow isolated themselves from all the rest, calling out to me - "hug us, love us Faleenie Weenie." "Time Will Cum" an assortment of the fleeting lives of butterflies, the polaroid portrait "Alicia K" all baby faced with braids and a pair of untitled canvasses that simply said "Love Me."


Curtis Kulig, "Untitled 1 & 2",


That or I had a flashback to Glastonbury 93. 


And as I left John Mayer was heading towards the door. I would like to think he came for the art, but I have a feeling it was just another night out on the prowl for "Shag 'em All" Mayer. Part of me was extremely tempted to bend over and ask his trouser zip "why so serious?" Just to poke a little fun at that unfortunate Playboy comment heard around the world, but somehow I don't think he would appreciate the humor in that. Penises rarely do.


Gallery For The People "Pop-Up"


What I particularly enjoy about pop-ups is that they make art much more accessible, eliminating a lot of the elitism that often comes at more traditional auctions and events. You know the sort of places that generally keep the riffraff like yours truly at bay. Just 'cause I can't afford to buy anything doesn't mean I don't appreciate it, I probably appreciate it all the more for that very reason. Pluss I have to use my art degree somehow. But as my old college chum Nicole drove us off into the night, I felt a lot more cultured then when I first arrived. Or at least the lager made me feel that way. 




MIMP blogger/writer F. Nurse and People's Jessica Herndon



Founded in Los Angeles by Eva Maria Daniels, Gallery For The People is an online art gallery that sells exclusive pieces, original artwork and limited edition prints. For more information visit Gallery for the People, 2850 Ocean Park Blvd, Suite 300, Santa Monica, CA 90405, US, Tel: (+1) 323 366 0610 




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