Upper West Presents "Cinema of Time" Featuring Gregg Chadwick, Sunday, July 12th

"Cinema of Time" opens at Upper West on Sunday, July 12th from 4-7pm. The trendy Santa Monica restaurant will feature the art of Gregg Chadwick. Known for its incredible cuisine, Upper West takes great pride in displaying the works of talented artists.

Red in Rain 30"x40" oil on linen 2011

For this exhibition, Upper West will feature fourteen of Chadwick's paintings ranging from almost seven feet by seven feet to works on a small scale at about eighteen by fourteen inches.

Chadwick is committed to his craft, "I generally paint daily in my studio when I am home and when traveling I seem to create constantly through sketching, note-taking, photography, and reflection. He works out of a studio at the Santa Monica Art Studios. He just celebrated fifteen years at the active arts complex. "Everyone of my paintings is a compilation of moment and memory filtered through the process of mark-making. At times figures and places appear in my paintings as if summoned from long lost dreams or hidden memories. As I paint, scenes flicker across my canvas. Sometimes the images remain fixed, often they are lost in a flurry of brushstrokes leaving ghosts of their former selves. For me, my paintings feel like a magic movie screen that holds shadowy images of all the films that have been played upon them before."

Call and Echo 20"x30" oil on linen 2011

Chadwick said inspiration comes to him in every part of his life. "In Bruges, on a recent journey, I found myself entranced by the skin tones in the almost 600 year old paintings of the Flemish masters, explained the artist. "This alchemy between pigment and subject prompted the 20th century modernist Willem de Kooning to declare "flesh was the reason that oil paint was invented.” The Flemish masters Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling began their paintings with a light colored underpainting upon which succesive layers of glowing translucent oil paints were applied. Light reflects through these lustrous layers allowing us to peer into the surface of the painting. In this way oil paint seems to breathe. My painting "Scarlet Shadow" adapts this Flemish technique onto a large scale portrait but I was not content to paint a miniature. I felt that the women in these haunting Flemish paintings were trapped as if in amber by their tiny scale. I decided to open up the scale of my painting “Scarlet Shadow” to let this woman out into the light. Sometimes, I think I can hear her whisper."

Scarlet Shadow 80"x80" oil on linen 2011

To find out more about Gregg Chadwick and his work, see his website.

The opening reception for "Cinema of Time" will be held on Sunday, July 12th, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Upper West located at 3321 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica. For more information about the event or the restaurant visit the Upper West website

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