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Tracey Keilly

Tracey Keilly's art work is a complex, elegant study of the political, social, and psychological, used to create a wordless conversation. She taps into the vulnerabilities in our culture and illuminates their connectivity.

Helium Washington by Tracey Keilly

Artwork by Tracey Keilly

As she expresses it, "My work is part accidental and part planned. I have a vision most certainly, but will not manipulate the final outcome, and am always surprised by what is revealed. It's much like a dream where all the seemingly insignificant fragments that happen throughout the day form a story to relay messages from the subconscious that facilitate growth."

Second Elevation by Tracey Keilly

Black Gold Texas Tea by Tracey Keilly

Her art education began as she traveled around the world. In the process, she interacted with artists in Morocco, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Paris, London, Spain, and Israel. She met with, among others, Tumarkin in Israel, Portanier in the South of France, and Raul Corrales in Cuba (Fidel Castro's and Che Guevara's press photographer during the revolution).

MAHATMA by Tracey Keilly

She counts as her influences Andre Breton, Marie Louise Von Franz, Carl Jung, Kienholz, and Basquiat. Keilly's work has been called "visually arresting" by curator Alison Gingeras; and "intense and wild" by Knight Landesman, publisher of Artforum. Mark Greenfield, curator of the Municipal Art Gallery in Los Angeles, stated, "Her work breaks with convention in its pure honesty and unpretentiousness, and to the extent to which it displays little semblance of self consciousness, it is refreshingly original. The work stimulates dialogue on contemporary issues of politics, race, consumerism, cultural anthropology and a myriad of other subjects that inform our approach to social interaction. Her complex arrangement of visual elements creates layers of meaning that challenge us to unfamiliar realms of introspection."

Growth by Tracey Keilly

Artwork by Tracey Keilly

Keilly has shown her work at galleries on both coasts. Her work has been shown in exhibitions for emerging artists, including the internationally recognized Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Director Mike Mills chose her work for an exhibition thematically tied to his Sundance award winning film Thumbsucker. She is one of the youngest artists to be included in the prestigious Cedars Sinai collection, which was the inspiration of the eminent contemporary art collector, Frederic Weisman. Her growing stature has resulted in numerous commissions by prominent art collectors throughout Europe and the United States. Recently, Keilly had a one person show at a New York City gallery and a group show at the Barnsdall Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House.

Artwork by Tracey Keilly

Current work may be viewed at the Alexander Hotel and will remain exhibited during the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. SCHEUBLEIN Fine Art is pleased to present the pop-up exhibition “Moving Images” at the historic Scala Cinema in St Moritz, an extraordinary location that served as inspiration for the group show. Since the 1920s the cinema has manifested itself as one of the most popular Modern art forms and set a new stage for the narrative. The exhibition “Moving Images” shows contemporary artists who make use of the technique behind cinematic poetry in their painting. Fragments of a grand narrative are caught in painting and allow the beholder to complete the story in his or her own imagination. The paintings vary from appropriation art, collage and pop art to abstract mythological modes of expression, and illustrate the multifaceted ways in which painters can become directors.

Los Angeles based artist Tracey Keilly strips the Romantic alpine idyll off the Heidi novel and uncovers the dark sides of the idealizing film stage. Heidi-ng in Hinterland“ shows a collage of film stills, text extracts and personal photograph, which she then painted over with energetic gesture. In the tradition of abjection art, which was strongly shaped by the radical oeuvre of Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley, Keilly reveals the flipside of Hollywood.

Heidi-ng in Hinterland by Tracey Keilly

Six Cavities by Tracey Keilly

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