Three Seasons Book Review - Naked Revelations of a Woman’s Soul: Three Seasons, a First Novel by Andi Christel


Three Seasons by Andi Christel


It takes either a lot of courage  or a great deal of vanity to write a book today.  

Unless you are a celebrity with some scandalous story to divulge, it is increasingly difficult to garner any attention within the publishing world.  The expense of marketing a book today is astronomical so publishers favor well-known writers who already have an established, mass audience in whatever field or crime they have chosen.

So when a literary “nobody” by the name of Andi Christel, ostensibly a stereotypical blonde bimbo, springs forward and has the audacity to write her life story in the form of a roman à clef,  then self-publish,  it is necessary for an impartial jury to decide if the effort is an act of narcissism or bravery.

After perusing the book,  your honor, I am able to render the verdict:

 Gutsy and the first degree.

Frankly,  THREE SEASONS is not “great” writing, in terms of metaphor or style.   At times the similes are somewhat hackneyed, the author utilizes catchphrases that have been flogged to death, and the expression of sentiment ping-pongs between the excessively melodramatic  and the inordinately contrived.    It is unlikely any critic will be drawing comparisons  any time soon between Christel and Virginia Woolf.

However, Christel is still a literary neophyte and has plenty of time to find a distinctive voice, one that will immediately identify her to  readers and elevate her into  a pantheon of original storytellers.  Patience and perseverance, while pursuing her craft, will likely lead to rewarding satisfactions  someday.

Christel’s greatest virtue is her ability to express inner Truth and provide sharp insight into the female soul, notably one who has faced life as a blonde beauty stalked by male predators and, lacking parental direction, has had to find her way through a miasma of bad choices, confusion, violence, early motherhood, and potentially fatal disease.  In other words, Christel’s story is the stuff of a large percentage of lost, attractive women who, thrust into early adulthood or random negative experiences,  must somehow figure out how to survive this oft vicious world.  

Many will relate, others will hate.    

That is because Truth always provokes antithetical reactions.  We live in a politically correct society, in which honesty and candor have become  foot-servants to misdirection, mass delusion, and the preservation of moribund myths.   So it is refreshing to read  a book that is all about the exposure of Truth.

Here is a soul-baring moment from Christel’s book that best illustrates my point,  in which she tortuously debates thoughts of suicide juxtaposed against her obligations as a mother:


Author of Three Seasons, Andi Christel

Angie sauntered to her bedroom as if in a trance.  Placing the glass of wine on her night table, she sat on the edge of her bed, her spirit numb.  She picked up the bottle of painkillers and hoped they lived up to their name.  As she emptied small white tablets into her hand, she stared at them.  Closing her eyes, she muttered three words out loud. “Please forgive me.”  In a flash, she could see her son as a baby.  She was holding him close, dancing around the living room.  Switching channels, he was behind her in his car seat, singing with her.  He was performing his own cute rendition of a Bon Jovi song, singing, “You give love a band-aid.”  Angie turned and smiled with an unbreakable love for her three-year-old son as he sang to his own tune.  She was reliving past moments that meant the most to her.  They played in her mind like the montage of a motion picture, and she remained locked in the personal snapshots of their life’s story together.

There are many other such emotionally impacting moments of honesty sprinkled throughout Christel’s book.  What it lacks in style may not attract fans of painterly novels (e.g., Thomas Pynchon or Kurt Vonnegut); but Christel’s depth of disclosure is heartfelt, humane, and ultimately, it gets to you, well beneath your skin.


Three Seasons is a moving story of an unconventional, courageous, blonde beauty, lost in a world of male predators, bloody violence, and scary surprises, whose love for her son drives her to survive and fight to the bitter end.

Three Seasons  is available in hardcover, paperback, and E-Book at:

Amazon – Kindle
Creatspace – Paperback
Lulu – Paperback, Ebooks & Hardcover


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