The Real Deal - eBook Review

Have you ever sat back to think about what an impact negotiations have on our lives? When you hear the word negotiations, the first thing that comes to mind might be some high-power boardroom of a huge company where executives are arguing back and forth about P&L, acquisitions and strategies. In reality, it's not just power-brokers or Wall Street executives that engage in negotiations; in fact we all participate in a number of different types of negotiations every single day. When you start to recognize how prevalent negotiations are in everyone's day to day life, it becomes glaringly obvious why it's important to learn the basics of navigating and understanding a negotiation.

The Real Deal is a book that features highlights from the famous Scotwork blog, a resource for everyone who's curious about getting the most out of negotiations or simply just gaining a better understanding of the world around them. For "outsiders", in other words people who aren't directly in the corporate world and don't think about negotiations very often, it can seem like a dry subject but a huge part of the appeal of the Scotwork blog is how they've taken this topic and approached it from so many creative angles to make it interesting, exciting and fun to learn about. Here's just a small sample of some of the topics that are covered...

You should lose some business, learn why... What do surprised and street parties teach us about negotiations? When is a negotiation NOT a negotiation? What do drinking guidance and bad proposals have in common? Is 1.76 million dollars a good price for a fish?

If that hasn't raised your curiosity at all, you might want to check your pulse. It's clear that the people writing for Scotwork have a clear passion about the topic and a passion for bringing these ideas to the masses.

The Basics of The Real Deal

This book was published in February of 2014 and is in the nonfiction category. It's written by Scotwork Limited, more specifically by the team that works on curating the blog for the world's leading negotiation consultancy company. At over 75,000 words it's long enough to cover all the essential information and to fulfill your intrigue without going on and on with a ton of filler - perfect! And all you need to do to receive a free copy is to fill out the form here.

The Right Price

The Real Deal is the right price. It's absolutely free to download your own copy of this eBook today. It doesn't get much better than free! You can also browse the Scotwork blog independently, but having everything together in this eBook is the ideal way to digest this information.

Who Is This Book For?

We mentioned earlier that literally everyone participates in one type of debate or another. Whether it's that moment where a homeless person asks you for change where you decide what you're going to do, or trying to round up the kids and to choose a place to go for dinner. If you've ever dealt with a bank, a merchant, a travel agent and just about anything else - then you can definitely benefit from touching up your negotiation skills and The Real Deal can help.

Final Thoughts

Scotwork has nearly 40 years of experience in the field of negotiations, and they are the largest independent specialist negotiation skills development company in the world. Each year, they deliver over 1000 courses and The Real Deal gives everyone a chance to sit in for a moment and to learn a thing or two about negotiations. It's an easy read, it's fun, and for the low price of free it's highly recommended to give it a go. Even if this isn't your favorite topic, the way things are presented makes it a fascinating read. It kind of reminded me of the hugely successful Freakonomics books which take an interesting perspective of everyday things that most people have never thought about before. In other words, The Real Deal will entertain, enlighten, and expand your view of day to day life. If knowledge is power, then arm yourself with The Real Deal.

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