"The Animal Whisperer" Paula Brown

Fur Shui, The Book

Fur Shui is "animal whisperer" Paula Brown's delightful, clear introduction to feng shui for pets. In her conversational style and witty illustrations, Paula takes readers through the application of the ancient and venerable universal laws of energy specifically drawn from the ancient Black Hat School of Feng Shui.  In Paula’s world of animals, she relates the principles to pets in a system she whimsically labels, "fur shui.”


The informative Fur Shui is gaining prominence far from Paula’s Southern California home.  It is currently in its 2nd edition and is distributed in the USA, Canada and the UK. After being translated into Italian, It has remained in demand in Italy.


It all started because Paula has been able to communicate telepathically with animals since she was a child. In her words, “I spent many, many years learning the practices of feng shui in order to be a practitioner. To this end I studied animals' flow of energy, with the purpose of promoting balance and harmony within the animals themselves, their human companions and the spaces they share at home.”  Paula found that I also found that “I could feel energy movement in animals, people and places with my body and with my dowsing talents. Finding energy “blocks,” I could help move energy, to clear the flow in body and chakra systems, resulting in the use of these energy tools to listen to and help heal the stories of emotions and physical bodies for animals and their environments.”


Paula working with a colt in Arizona

Today this congenial Californian runs her own communications practice, The Heart of Conversation, and works as a guest lecturer for holistic and alternative healing organizations.  In the fall of 2014, Paula extended the popularity of the principles to Scandinavia when she was invited to give “Fur Shui” workshops and to speak in the countryside of Finland and Helsinki.  However, just speaking with her on the phone confirms her helpfulness and her love of what she does for animals.

Paula introducing her book in Finland


Paula teaching in Finland

In careful, specific terms and charts, Paula explains, “how heartfelt intent and careful attention to what and where objects are placed in a pet's environment have an immediate energetic impact.  They can boost and enhance animal and human positive energies in every sector of the home.”  The Feng Shui bagua diagrams the sectors of career, health, family, relationships, creativity, skills, fame, travel and helpful people.”


Also on Paula’s progressive agenda is the "Tour de Fur" in which 10 books were mailed out to be read, signed and passed forward to folks all around the world. The tour brought many new global friends together. Readers can still follow the books' travels at: http://furshui.blogspot.com.


Whether a as a reference book or for the joy of it, Fur Shui is a pleasure read, one that proves to be an unconscious impetus to become more aware of the love, fun and comfort our "furry" friends provide. It is the (sorry!) a“purrfect” and powerful holiday or any day gift for the animal lover (Paula Brown 310.621.8512.


Readers can also follow Paula, the storyteller, showing stories for animals, homes, and business with her combination of visual scribe storyboarding, animal whispering, and feng shui practice with her business Chi-Lightful at: www.chilightful.com.

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