Sham Ibrahim - A Pop Art Genius


Known as the 21st century Andy Warhol, artist Sham Ibrahim met with world renowned fashion icon Betsy Johnson at Style LA Fashion Week.

During the brief encounter, fashion genius Johnson, was presented with her very own pop art portrait by talented artist Ibrahim.

With an eager smile and jittery hands, Johnson watched as Ibrahim unveiled the one of a kind portrait piece and received it with applause, and then continued to chatter on for a couple of  more minutes.



Betsey Johnson with Sham Ibrahim Photo credit: Spencer Williams

Although Ibrahim’s portrait at the Style LA Fashion Week was Johnson’s signature smile was normal enough, he’s rather known for his controversial Pop Art pieces such as Rihanna’s battered face and Miley Cyrus performing her famous “twerk” with Mickey Mouse.

Ibrahim has presented portraits to well-known celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Carmen Electra, Janice Dickinson, Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling, Joan Collins and many others.

Courtney Stodden with Sham Ibrahim. Photo courtesy:

He also gave a brilliant pop art portrait to reality TV star Courtney Stodden also during the Style LA Fashion Week, where he also gave Joyce Giraud a truly iconic portrait.

Joyce Giraud with Sham Ibrahim Photo credit:

With an undeniable gift, Sham Ibrahim’s talent will surely prove to be every art fanatic’s delight.


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