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Psychic Kim O'Neill Interview - Connect with your Guardian Angels

By Tatiana

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"How To Talk With Your Angels" gives pointers on how to get pertinent life answers through their angels or I like to think of it as a higher self.  Her latest book is, "Bond With Your Baby Before Birth."

Tatiana:  When did you first experience your psychic capabilities and how did you know this was not your normal “having a hunch experience? And how useful did you think it was to make it a career?

Kim: I was very intuitive and clairvoyant like all children, and by the time I got to my teenage years I thought it was unpleasant and people would scoff at me.  In in my late 20’s, I was in a marriage that was breaking up, and I was miserable and felt like a 100 years old.  I was at my desk at work and started to cry out that I have no husband, children, job and I am miserable.  I cried myself out ,went home and I had an angel appear to me which scared the dickens out of me.  He was named John. The universe came to my assistance and when we ask for help we get it. 

I couldn’t go on any longer and didn’t know who to go to. I was raised as a Catholic and did not believe that angels would appear, but he tangibly appeared and my cat ran when seeing him. I saw him materialize before my own eyes.  There was the stress of my advertising business and this angel kept talking to me and he would not leave and told me what will happen the next day and we would gain a big account which seemed unlikely.. John said that we would win it and get another account .

I can share an incident about a yogurt shop where I needed to tell the worker she needs to know there will be a robbery So I told her. She thought I was nuts and the next day there was a security officer because the worker told the owner, and there were other stores that had been robbed.

Tatiana: Explain your psychic abilities?

Kim: All of my information comes from a guardian angel. When I channel for others it comes from their guardian angel I receive telepathically, can hear their voices outside my head and I can see them.  Everyone has numerous guardian angels.  They are more open when going through a transition in life but when you intellectualize it , then it’s harder to believe.

Tatiana: What is the difference between psychic abilities and intuition?

Kim: It’s the same thing.  We all have psychic abilities because we have guardian angels whose mission is to help us remember our destiny, give us information on how to do it. Also, they give us the time frame, if we are are doing the right thing , and at the right time. 
What I devote my time to is teaching others how to talk to their angels in my book, “How to Talk with your Angel”, conduct seminars, and teleseminars.  People can hear the information they receive, and practice it.  It helps us build our confidence and the more willing we are to listen to guardian angels and not our head and not allow our brain to override what the guardian angel is telling them.
It is easy to ascertain how information is from our brain which is negative, pessimistic, critical, the “I will never” messages. The guardian angel messages is directive, inspiring, positive, and gives us things to look forward to.
This day and age when people are worried about the economy and terrorist threats, people can shift from surviving to rising. We come to earth to evolve, to make a difference in world, each of us has a skill set and contribution to the life of others.

Tatiana: Can you share examples with how you have successfully assisted law enforcement is solving criminal cases.

Kim: That was years ago I am not crazy about talking about it.  I worked with police, FBI, CIA, and I was stalked by a serial killer. Police released my name in the paper and I was scared and disbelieving that they would do this.  It was a catalyst to spend my time to consider my life as valuable to help others create self worth and learning what they are here to do.

Tatiana: Can you share examples on how you assisted individuals in their lives?

Kim:  I had turned 40 and my guardian angel gave a promise that I would meet my Mr. Wonderful in one of my channeled sessions; my angel said he would come into my office as the last appointment.  My Mr. Wonderful wanted me to communicate with his deceased wife who passed two months before. I was mad at my guardian angel that he was the one.  We met May 29, and dated till the end of June.  He came to my book signing and proposed. I am finally going to start a family and went to my Ob/Gyn who said late 30’s-40’s was a ground 0 to getting pregnant. I was in my early 40’s and I heard a voice say,  “Hi mommy I am coming as a boy…I can’t fathom this.  Well I never have gone wrong listening to guardian angels and I wasn’t fantasizing.  A few months later I was preganant. Kim you were right about the gender and you are in mid 40-s and don’t think it will be a short labor, and it was a short.  I heard a voice of a little a girl and the next year had a girl at age 45. no problem at all.
 Bonding before birth with babies is important and need to know before delivery how you can you get answers beforehand. Are they going to have any health concerns, like lactose intolerance and all this information is available from the child and there were no books like this.  In my book,  “Bond with your Baby Before Birth”,  you go and do it everyone is negative..there needs to be positive information for woman that get pregnant after 38.

Tatiana: Are you comparable to therapist giving individuals guidance, feedback, and suggestions for what they are seeking?  How do we distinguish psychic advice from simply counseling someone?

Kim:  I conduct private sessions and I have been to therapists before.  The therapist listens to you and prompts you and you do all the talking, a psychic does all the talking and shares information from the guardian angel. I give very pragmatic information and very specific examples, if a guardian angel says you are going to your own a business and how to pick up a client, and give detailed specific information and recommend people to channel examples. 

Just taking half an hour, once a week, getting a notebook and pen can develop empowerment and people can do something for themselves. Take 5-10 seconds write information down after asking questions, the information the guardian angel thinks they need to pass on to you and the time frame is very important.
 It is imperative the guardian angel will give a to do list and not to waste time or force timing and we also get information on what we can look forward to in life. Your mind is afraid to take risks, like leaving a job or a marriage or having children later in life.  The key is people have the ability to communicate with their guardian angel and practice for a couple weeks by talking to them, which they can learn from my 1995 book,  “How to Talk with Your Angel.”

If you want more information on Kim and her services , check out her website,

Published on Nov 04, 2012

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