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Soul Numbers by Michelle Arbeau

Numbers are everywhere - today's date, our birthdates, our ages, the number of children we have, the date we accomplish a task.   These numbers are encoded in the fabric of our lives and the patterns gives us keys to our past, our future and even our career choices.  Is the knowledge only available to a select few or can anyone understand the hidden meaning? 


Michelle Arbeau - Celebrity Numerologist

It was the Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, who believed that numbers hold universal truths, which effect every life on Earth.  Kabbalist and others trained in the mystical arts agree with him


Skeptics find the meanings found in numbers hard to believe.  They say that humans see patterns and extract reason from symbols all around us, but the fact is numerology does work and only a talented celebrity numerologist as Michelle Arbeau can help us to interpret what they say.  "The universe can be counted, sorted and measured through the use of numbers and the study of numerology.  In fact, every word has a numerical meaning, which the average person can understand and pay attention to."   She talks about this in her bestselling book, The Energy of Words


Books by Michelle Arbeau

Practicing for over 11 years, Ms. Arbeau told me of her near death experience at the age of four, which led her to more psychic talents and then how she stumbled into numbers and began realizing the significance of them in her life.  Self-taught, seeing numbers at a deeper level than others, she is acknowledged as an global expert with many high profile clients and has been seen on many international television shows.  "Numerology isn't metaphysics, it's quantum physics.  Numbers are the language of the universe and can provide answers and insight into all areas of life."   


In her book Soul Numbers, she helps the ordinary reader decipher the meaning of the numbers around them so that they can better navigate their lives.   Going from the history of numbers and how the science came about, Michelle goes into basic numbers and how to calculate the numbers in your life.  It helps you to understand why you keep seeing the number 11 or number 6  or any numerical sequence that seems to keep popping up for you.   Like the Rosetta Stone deciphering an ancient code, Soul Numbers gives you keys to move forward. 


Michelle Arbeau Celebrity Numerologist

I had been one of those skeptics, at first, but after I met Michelle, I was convinced of her talent.  She told me that as an 8, with six's prominent in my life,  I was meant to be a writer and that my husband, who also turns out to be an 8, was my soul mate.  She pinpointed my daughter exactly, describing not only her future, but her faults, as well. 


Michelle Arbeau at a group reading

Meet Michelle Arbeau and get some insight into your life, perhaps even win a free in-depth 45 min session with this celebrity numerologist.  You can meet her January 9th, 2014, at the Elysium Healing Arts and Wellness Center, (2907 W Olive in Burbank,)  at 6:30 pm or at the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice (1624 Abbott Kinney Blvd, Venice) on February 19 or February 27th, 2014. 



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