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Bonjour Friends and Admires, ,

I’ve had an action packed weekend, and writing was a little too much for me. Friday, I just lounged around eating des bonbons and mixing and matching my outfits. Saturday, I was invited to a petite Soiree at the house of bikini designer Ashley Paige. Her maman prepared a southern banquet in the style of Paula Deen, incroyable!. Ooh...and most important, Sunday, I had a date with a tall, handsome lawyer, Ooh la la! So, I’ve been really busy! Alors, today is a dreary day here in Los Angeles, and that’s parfait to write about a dreary art show, Art Los Angeles Contemporary at The Barker Hanger in Santa Monica.


L.A. Artist, Kenn Tam had an amusing video. Un petit familier, but it did make me want to fire up my unfiltered Gauloises cigarette. Inspired by a Kobo Abe novel, Tam would procure men on Craigslist, negotiate one of them into a box with a hole in it, so his arm could reach out and touch a half naked Tam, he-he. Tam explained très graves “I am using the box to contain that guys libido.” Quel que soit, or whatev.

Federico Solmi’s Evil Empire, a video animation was visually appealing, mais spoiled by his dull explanations. Be like Andy Warhol, don’t talk about your work! It's a less obvious way to be derivative. That was exhausting, It was time for an apértif!


I  was powdering my nose, and applying a little more Chanel NO.5, when I spotted an élégant looking Ed Moses at the Ace Gallery booth. I like men who are older, so I’ll always be the young one. I positioned myself right next to him. He looked very happy to see moi, “Look at those lips, spectacular!” Oui, I was wearing Rouge Allure by Chanel. I told him that I heard he never listens to music when he creates, as it spoils the connection to his art (similarly, I never answer my mobile, while shopping for designer clothes at Neiman Marcus). “I don’t smoke weed either.” He then added “We don’t create, we are in activity! I Carry out this activity every day, I’m obsessed with it.” I then asked Monsieur Moses if I could take his picture “you can sit on my face if you want.” Is that American slang?

It was getting late, time for my beauty sleep, mais, Quelle horreur, I lost my car in that big carpark. Lucky pour moi, handsome Officer John recognized me, and insisted on helping me out. We drove in his police truck all around the airport, and on the runway till we found it (which took a while). it was fantastique! Much more agréable than the Art Los Angeles Contemporary...except for Ed Moses, more exciting!

Bisous x

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