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May 28th bG Gallery Presents "Looking Glass"

By Libby Lancaster

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“Looking Glass” opens Saturday, May 28th at bG Gallery at Bergamot Station. The group show will feature talented artists whose work fits within the theme carefully curated by gallerist Om Bleicher. “'Looking Glass' is a group exhibit of surreal and fantasy works with a loose focus on self or societal reflection, said Bleicher.

Artist Ty Cummings will be part of the group show. Bleicher said he was drawn to work if Cummings since it was a mix of surrealism and contemporary art. 

Ty Cummings, Turning - spray paint, oil, latex, metal, glitter, color pencil, ink, powdered graphite & duct tape on canvas, 10" x 10," 2015

Cummings has been painting most of his life and revealed that communication is an important factor in his art. When an art lover is moved by one of his works, he said that is the most satisfying part of being an artist. Cummings started creating art at an early age…working in a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture and mixed media. His parents were both supportive of his career. The artist often works with wood and incorporates found objects, as well as glitter spray, charcoal, and other eccentric types of items into his art. This will be the first time he will be exhibiting at bG Gallery. His work has been on view at Santa Monica Art Studios, HIVE Gallery, etc. For additional information on Ty Cummings and his artwork, see his website.

Artist Marcus Durkheim has showed several times at bG Gallery and said he was excited about being included in the exhibition. “My work is about perception, the illusive nature of physical reality. Our beliefs and preconceived ideas prejudice our responses to everything around us. This body of work is created under a pseudonym with the intent of inserting an additional layer of ambiguity; questioning assumptions and conclusions.” He continued, “The objects in my work are extensions of self in that they acquire meaning through theassociations, memories and emotions that we attach to them.” Vist the artist's website.  

Marcus Durkheim, This Is Not a Teapot, oil 12 x 12in

Other artists set to be featured in “Looking Glass”are Shiri Mordechay, Cory Sewelson, Gay Summer Rick, Bob Branaman, Nathan Cartwright, Brian Cooper, Jerry Uelsmann, Ed Freeman, Dan Busta, Jim Holyoak, The Love Armada, Gregory W. Horndeski, etc.

On Saturday,May 28th enjoy an opening reception for "Looking Glass" from 5:00 p.m to -8:00 p.m. at bG Gallery (G8A), located at Bergamot Station 2525 Michigan Ave., in Santa Monica. The exhibition will run through June 5, 2016. For more information, call 310 906-4211 or visit the website.

Published on May 21, 2016

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