"Love Between the Covers" is New Kahn Documentary on Romance Genre

LAURIE KAHN is a Peabody and Emmy award winning documentarian. 
Her first film,
A Midwife’s Tale, was part of PBS’s The American Experience series and
won numerous awards
including a national Emmy for Outstanding Non-fiction. Her more
recent film, TUPPERWARE! won the George Foster Peabody Award and was nominated
for a national Best Nonfiction DirectorEmmy. Both films are used in courses on women’s
history, medical history, early American history, obstetrics, midwifery, 20th century history,
marketing and gender studies. During the 1980s and early 1990s, she worked on many
award-winning documentary series, including The American Experience, Eyes on the Prize:
America’s Civil Rights
Years 1954-1965, and Frontline Special. Her web site,
DoHistory.com, offers visitors the opportunity to piece together the life of a memorable
person in the past.


Director Laurie Kahn

Kahn's latest production, "Love Between the Covers" features Romance writers Nora Roberts, Beverly Jenkins, Eloisa James, RadclyFfe, 
Susan Donovan
, and Celeste Bradley- as well as other writers, readers, professors, and
members of the Romance community such as Jayne Ann Krentz.
Following the lives of six (very diverse) Romance authors, Kahn presents a documentary
about the culture of the Romance industry- readers and writers- and what it is like to be a
writer of Romance fiction.
An Official Selection of this year's HotDocs and Los Angeles Film Festival pick, "Love
Between the Covers" does exactly what it claims- depicting “the witty, passionate women
(and sometimes men) behind a billion-dollar phenomenon” known as the Romance Novel.

Joanne Lokyer's DIY Cover Project

Review: Director Laurie Kahn made this film- her third featuring realms that are known,
mainly, to women- to bring a compelling story to the screen. Hers is, as she describes it,
“a desire to look at communities of women that hadn't been taken seriously.” Note that her
other films are A Midwife's Tale and “Tupperware!”
Kahn's clip reel announces that, last
year, 75 million Americans read at least one Romance novel (adding that some read more...)
Romance novels are produced in 34 languages and sold around the world. Sales gross more
than a billion dollars per year. These are no longer the books that stay-at-home moms read
at the beach, wrapped in brown paper. So much, as they say, for “closet” readership. As
Romance author Jayne Ann Krentz contends in the film, it is in popular fiction that we
“preserve our society's, our culture's core values...”
Kahn's documentary makes clear that, despite its formidable billion-dollar market, “no genre
of literature is more dismissed than Romance.” “Love Between the Covers” gives a look
inside this industry and at some of the biggest of names in the genre: Nora Roberts,
Beverly Jenkins, Eloisa James, RadclyFfe, Susan Donovan and Celeste Bradley. These
are all familiar names- as seen on the spines of so many paperbacks (and hardbacks, too)
sticking out of book store and library shelves. But these ladies faces are less well-known-
unless one is a Romance devotee who travels to signings, workshops and other events in
which these authors are featured.

The film crew with Romance writer Susan Donovan

The authors talk straight-up about what it is like to write, what it is like to write fiction, and
what they have had to endure and/or give up to perfect and maintain their craft. We are given
intimate glimpses of real-life problems faced by these women, even overcome through their
writing. Beverly Jenkins lost her husband to pancreatic cancer. He was “diagnosed in
August, gone by in November,” she shares in the film, and testifies to her work- and her fans-
as a means of helping her hang on through grief. Susan Donovan describes a painful divorce,
an experience that only further strengthened her desire to write. Celeste Bradley shares a
similar story of transition. The two continue to collaborate.
Eloisa James- who is Mary Bly, a tenured professor via her “day” job- had parents who
were writers, but the kind who would never (ever) imagine their child writing Romance
fiction. Her father was the poet Robert Bly, her mother wrote fiction. She could not keep
herself from Romance, however, vowing that as a writer in this genre she would do her best
to write the best form(s) of it. The rest, as they say, for each of these amazing writing
women, is history.
Many of these top authors have a common thread that brought them into this realm that is
their sweet spot, if you will, of writing success: not finding what they, themselves, wanted
to read published. RadclyFfe- a doctor “by day” and a writer (and writing coach) “by night,”
says she didn't see any good LBGT work out there. Jenkins also says she loved to read
Romance but could “never find anybody writing who looked like me.” An African American,
Jenkins changed all that when she got her first title published.
For anyone with even the most remote interest in this genre, this little film is a must-see.
Not only are the featured writers have a great camera presence, they have great things to say-
about the genre, about writing, and about the writing- and reading- life in general.
This documentary is not only only great “entertainment,” but it might serve as an
epiphany-creator for anyone who thinks that things pertaining to women have no value.
The take-away Kahn would like for those of us who see this film?
I want people to realize how deeply ingrained we all are to dismiss anything that is by
women, for women and about women,” she says. “Many romance readers told me stories
of complete strangers looking over their shoulders on a train, or walking up to them at the
beach, and asking them, 'Why do you read that trash?' I really don't think that would happen
to someone reading a mystery or a thriller!”
Romance novels are dismissed as simplistic,” Kahn adds. “People who've never read a
romance novel tell me, 'They are formulaic. They all end happily.' But all genre fiction ends
with a happy ending. Mysteries all begin with a crime and end with the case solved- a
uaranteed happy ending. Arnold Schwarzenegger is never killed in his movies. The good
guys always win. So why are romances singled out? I think it has to do with a devaluation
of women's work and a deep-seated fear of women's desires.”
Text ©2015 Ariel J. Smythe
Photos Courtesy of Film Team

Love Between the Covers private shoot (just for fun!)

Film Trailer: https://vimeo.com/123626990
Media Inquiries to Linda Brown at 818/380-0050

Love Between the Covers” 2015 Documentary


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