Form and Emptiness Art Exhibition Review


Form and Emptiness, a two-person show at the Electric Lodge in Venice, presents the bright artistic vision of two women from two different cultures that bridge and meet in the play of color on canvas.

Susan diRende is an American artist who works in both the visual and lively arts. Her canvases filled with geometric forms have a brilliant aliveness. Some are purely abstract, such as the layered rectangles of "Sunday Morning." Others suggest the form of their subjects in blocks of layered color such as her vivid "Tulips" or luminous "Summer Rose."


Ms. Kim's work uses the traditional Korean palette of five primary colors to render nature in almost poster-like simplicity. There is a great depth of feeling that could easily become sentimental, such as the 2 paintings made in response to a ferry capsizing that drowned hundreds of high school students. However, the austerity of her color restrictions provides a counterbalance that results in a calm complexity of affect.

Visitors leaving the show had a look of reflective calm.  As one women remarked to Ms. diRende as she was leaving, "Your work. It's so ... happy." She was exactly right. The total effect of Form and Emptiness at the Electric Lodge is one of quiet happiness.    
Form and Emptiness
Paintings by Susan diRende and Yisook Kim
The Electric Lodge
1416 Electric Avenue
Venice, CA
August 16-September 7, 2014

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