David F. Sowerby, Ph.D. – Intuition, Dreams, and Healing


Dr. David F. Sowerby is a consultant who specializes in the areas of intuition, dreams, spiritual development, consciousness, creativity, holistic health, personality, and relationships.  Over the past 30 years, he has served individuals, groups, businesses, agencies, and organizations.  Currently, he is also an adjunct faculty member in the Psychology Departments at Sonoma State University and Dominican University of California.

Recently, Dr. Sowerby published his book, Intuition and Dreams: How to Realize Your Healing Potential in all Areas of Life.  Over a 14 year period, he received 83 intuitive, channeled dreams directing him how to write this book, a memoir of his own healing journey, which was written to inspire anyone seeking healing and self-actualization.  Intuition and Dreams provides readers with a model of how to access one’s own Divinity, intuitive guidance, and creativity; work with dreams; experience higher states of consciousness and empowerment; and realize one’s own potential for self-healing in all areas of life.

Dr. Sowerby explained that his book draws on his own personal experiences, and his professional experiences as a psychotherapist, teacher, researcher, and consultant.  In this book, he also refers to the works of spiritual teachers and scientists.  Dr. Sowerby writes about an example of his own healing: he had a dream that told him that he had a kidney weakness.  After this dream, he made an appointment with his physician, who ordered tests to check the health of his kidneys.  The tests came back negative, and his physician declared that Dr. Sowerby’s kidneys were healthy.  Shortly after, he experienced severe pain, which prompted another visit to his physician.  This time, imaging techniques revealed that Dr. Sowerby had two large kidney stones, and subsequently, a surgeon advised him to have immediate surgery.  However, one of Dr. Sowerby’s dreams suggested that he should avoid the surgery, so he declined.  Following the guidance of his intuition, which Dr. Sowerby experienced while he was awake, dreaming, and meditating, he was able to heal himself naturally via prayer, meditation, and food.  Further imaging procedures revealed that the kidney stones had indeed vanished.  This was especially significant because the surgeon had previously deemed the stones to be too large to pass and too dense to dissolve.  To this day, Dr. Sowerby remains free of kidney stones and pain.             

For those who may remain skeptical and argue that the guidance of intuition and dreams has no scientific basis, Dr. Sowerby’s response to that is: “Intuition is the immediate recognition of the truth. It appears to the scientist, for instance, as a flash of insight, which needs to be confirmed. As such, intuition can be considered a hypothesis that needs to be tested.”

Many people and professionals have given Dr. Sowerby’s book very favorable reviews, and highly recommend it to read.  For instance, Dr. David Van Nuys, Emeritus Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department at Sonoma State University, conducted a podcast interview with Dr. Sowerby about his book on a program called Shrink Rap Radio.  To listen to the interview, visit Dr. Sowerby’s website: www.dfsowerbyphdconsulting.com

Also on the above website is a list Dr. Sowerby’s upcoming activities, courses, workshops, and trainings; and a link to the publisher’s website, where the book can be purchased for $14.95.  Dr. Sowerby is also available for book talks, signings, and consultations.  He may be reached via e-mail: [email protected] or by calling: (707) 588-0725.


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