A Little Help From Your Angels

How to Hear your Angels

A little help from your angels?

If you haven’t heard about ANGELIC INTERVENTION yet its time to jump on the sublime band wagon.  Cherubs, archangels, guardian helpers we’ve all heard of and probably even attempted praying to in times of dire need. Funny how it always takes a crisis to evoke our spiritual inclinations.

The study & invocation of angels has been around for time immemorial but you probably haven’t come to a point where you speak to your angels on a daily basis as your celestial personal assistants!

Intrigued? I was too. I could use some help from a personal assistant not to mention one of a heavenly nature.

It's becoming common practise to call upon angels for a whole host of reasons. From acquiring parking spaces, to losing weight to successful meetings & negotiations at work. Whatever you need done is handled most efficiently by, you guessed it, your angels!

A good friend of mine frequently uses angelic techniques in his career. Before driving over to an important meeting, he heralds his angels to rush over to his destination, meet his clients and clear anything in the air that might get in the way of a successful meeting. He asks them to create an environment of harmony, open communication and goodwill before he even arrives, and asks them to be present at the meeting to ensure a win-win situation. Guess what? It works like a charm. Each meeting has flowed as smooth as butter and ended well.

You can invite an army of angels to stay by your side... the ultimate entourage

Now can you imagine finding a personal assistant with all these talents? Efficiency, public relation skills, organization skills, genius, the powers to negotiate, the ability to operate on command at any time and an uncanny ability to make the impossible possible? Just try finding help like that through craigslist.

This concept of everyday angelic assistance, simple as it is, was new to me personally. With the speed & preoccupations of modern day life, it really takes a conscious effort to slow down and clearly ask one’s celestial beings for help with even the smallest, most practical matters. Not only does life get easier but it develops a level of trust and effortlessness that is highly enjoyable.

In fact you can even invite an army of angels to stay by your side. Now that’s the ultimate entourage!  It’s such a great reminder that angelic assistance is so overlooked and just waiting to be invoked.

Simply 1) go quiet, 2) let go of any doubts, 3) ask the angels your question or for help (be sure to completely let go of your issue once you have handed it over to the angels), and finally 4) listen & receive.

Healing with the Angels

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