Dennis Pomales - When The Illusion Takes Over His New Creations

Visual artist from Puerto Rico leading towards ONENESS through his passions and believes. When I see beauty, I see it in all forms, when it comes to visual art presented by an artist who wants to make a difference with it’s own language, I find more than the visual state of mind. With Dennis Pomales I find a conscious relationship between my life and his paintings. I describe his art as the magical language we want to speak up to make our lives easier and simply more colorful. 


I met Dennis in Puerto Rico 5 years ago. I was inspired enough to produce collective art shows at my apartment in Los Angeles, knowing that artists like myself needed to see their pieces spotlighted on a wall for the first time. I called him to participate in my first collective art exhibit/musical event BIUTIFUL


To see video click this link:


After BIUTIFUL, I was very interested in Dennis’ work. I invited him for my second art collective JUST LET GO; he couldn’t resist but to attach his art near other local artists from LA and already well known names like Glenn FoxVictor RossSamantha Hedstorm, and many other talented minds.


To see video click this link:


The best feeling as a producer is watching someone’s growth, specially through art. Many of this artists were craving for a wide open door for their creative mind to grow big with no limits nor requirements. For this particular reason I trusted all 45 artists in my collectives to be inspired by their own pros and cons.

Over the years they understood the point and importance of showing their pieces and giving life to them in a bigger field.



I attended to his latest exhibit "Ilusiones y Asterismos" at C787 STUDIOS in Miramar Puerto Rico during this Holiday season. I saw growth, evolution and pure connection to his spiritual side like never before. Colorful floor made the attendees believe in a JOYFUL THOUGHT. Even children were invited! He told me the floor took 18 hours of hand painting work before the show, where even his mom helped him paint the floor! This art collective was a total success for Dennis, Heranos Lumiere y Nayarit Maldonado, selling own art to collectors and art lovers in opening night, which is the best & worst feeling for an artist. Letting go part of your life through your passion is a hard wall to brake, but also learning the business side of it is one of the most difficult process to learn when you are an authentic creative mind. 


I felt happy when I walked in, the floor made me feel like I was inside of a fun house. One large sculpture by Roberto Cuellar was placed outside for local skaters to slide through with their own style, provoking the art lovers to float in & out the exhibit.


M to D:

- When art was born in Dennis Pomales?

- Cuando comienza el arte visual en tu vida?


D to M:

Art has always been in my life, it was born with me. Since I was a little boy I've drawn and imagined. I loved drawing characters I saw in books. I started taking art seriously in tenth grade thanks to a new art teacher. She would make us experiment with the materials and was able to bring out our personal styles little by little.

El arte siempre ha estado en mi vida, nació conmigo. Desde chiquito he dibujado e imaginado. Me encantaba dibujar personajes que veía en los libros. En décimo grado fue cuando lo empece a tomar en serio gracias a una nueva maestra de arte. Ella nos hacia experimentar con los materiales y poco a poco nos fue sacando nuestro estilo personal.


M to D:

- Describe your work in one sentence.

- Describe tu arte en una oración.


D to M:

Creatures in a magical world that breathe the colors and the vibration of the universe.

Criaturas en un mundo mágico donde se respira color y la vibración del universo.


M to D:

- Any darkness you want to share with us?

- Algun lado oscuro que quieras compartir?


D to M:

The dark side of malice and the ego lives in all of us. Everyday I try to meditate and be conscious of the negative impulses of my being so I can stop them and change them to light and love. Depending on the day, this practice can be really easy or really hard.

El lado oscuro de la maldad y el ego vive en todos nosotros. Todos los días trato de meditar y estar consciente de los impulsos negativos de mi ser para así detenerlos y cambiarlos a luz y amor. Dependiendo del día, esta práctica es bien fácil o bien difícil.


M to D:

- If you were the President of an unknown country, which would be your top 3 rules, why? What makes your own country so special and different?

- Si fueras el Presidente de un pais, caules serian tus 3 reglas principales y por que? Como se diferencia tu pais de todos los demas?


D to M:

There would be no economic debt that enslaves citizens into a cycle of work and money. There would be no war or killings for personal benefit, whether from the government, corporations, or individuals. Nature would be respected and taken care of like our Mother and Temple of the creative spirit that lives inside all animals, plants, humans, and other living beings. This country would stand out because of the understanding that when one person succeeds or fails we all succeed and fail. That way the well being of an individual is the well being of the collective, and not just a lucky few. Oh, and the president would try not to sound too pretentious and idealistic.

No habrían deudas económicas que mantengan esclavos a los ciudadanos a un ciclo de trabajo y dinero. No habrían guerras ni matanzas por beneficio personal,ya sea de parte del gobierno, corporaciones, o individuos. Se respetaría y se cuidaría de la naturaleza como nuestra madre y templo del espíritu creativo que vive dentro de todos los animales, plantas, humanos y otros seres vivientes. Este país se destacará por el entendimiento de que cuando una persona pierde o gana, todos perdemos y ganamos. Así el bienestar individual es el bienestar colectivo, y no sólo el de los más afortunados. Ah, y el presidente trataría de no sonar tan idealistico y pretencioso.


M to D:

- Talk about your new visual series.

- Explica tu nueva serie visual.


D to M:

The new series takes the creatures I've been creating in the last couple of years and puts them into context. Now we can see a little bit more how their inner lives are reflected on the exterior, especially their connection with the universe and their spiritual vibrations. Many of these creatures practice different types of magic openly and now they have been captured in the middle of the act.

La serie nueva toma las criaturas que he estado creando en los últimos años y les da contexto. Ahora podemos ver un poco más como su vida interior se refleja en el exterior, específicamente su conexión al universo y sus vibras espirituales. Muchas de estas criaturas practican distintos tipos de magia abiertamente y ahora han sido capturadas en pleno acto.


M to D:

- How you describe your life journey?

- Como describes tu jornada de VIDA.


D to M:

Completely experimental and against the current. My development has been based on opposing the norm, reinventing the monotonous, and questioning spoon-fed information. All with a philosophy of love, mental peace, and spiritual balance. For the good of all peoples, even if many have not understood me or thought I was crazy when doing things differently.

Completamente experimental y en contra de la corriente. Mi desarrollo ha sido a base de oposición a la norma, reinventando lo monótono, y cuestionando la información alimentada a cucharadas. Todo con una filosofía de amor, paz mental, y balance espiritual. Por el bien de todos, aunque muchos no me entiendan y piensen que estoy loco al hacer las cosas de un modo diferente.


M to D:

- Where are you from and where are you going?

- De donde eres y a donde te diriges?


D to M:

Physically I am from a very small tropical paradise called Puerto Rico. Spiritually I am from an infinite universe. I am headed towards the rest of the planet Earth to share and learn from other people with habits and cultures different than mine. I am going towards the maximum potential of the human being. I also hope that one day I get to go to outer space with the stars that created us.

Físicamente soy de un paraíso tropical muy pequeño llamado Puerto Rico. Espiritualmente soy de un universo infinito. Me encamino hacia el resto del planeta Tierra a compartir y aprender de otras personas con culturas y costumbres distintas a las mías. Voy hacia el potencial máximo del ser humano. Espero algún día también ir hacia el espacio y las estrellas que nos crearon.



Check out Dennis Pomales Videos here:


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