Clinton H. Wallace and A.G. Fielder Book Review

ClintonH. Wallace and A.G. Fielder Book Review


‘The Adventures of J. Jones: Black Gold’, written by Clinton H. Wallace and A.G. Fielder,  is an action adventure novel based on special agent J. Jones, a spy who is sent to the Middle East to stop the shady antics of an unscrupulous dictator and a corrupt president of a multinational oil company. A page turner, this exciting, action packed tale leaves the reader on the edge of their seat. It’s no wonder that Special Agent Jones is now an engrossing, eye-catching character in a graphic novel and the story and his adventures are on slate to be filmed as a movie! It is actually the 4th installment in an enthralling series that began with ‘The J. Jones Dossier: Vegas, Diamonds and the Secret Mine of Djoser’, ‘The Adventures of J. Jones: Dirty Cash’ and ‘The Adventures of J. Jones: Cigars and Rum’. Hunter S. Thompson fans love the gritty writing style of Wallace and Fielder.  Immersed in a sea of decadence, Agent Jones is surrounded by exotic women, stunning yachts and expensive cars which all cloak the illicit business transactions of both the dictator and the corrupt oil president who are secretly funding a huge underground arms network. When Agent Jones accidentally stumbles upon a dossier, he then connects the dots to billionaire businessmen who leave him marked for death. FromLondon toDubai andPakistan toTripoli, Jones is hot on the trail of theses undercover terrorists and their network of financiers, corporate figureheads and arms dealers. Trapped in this vicious labyrinth of danger, deceit, greed, power and murder he must use his skill, wit, and charm just to stay alive or the next turn may be his last. Executed brilliantly by Fielder and Wallace, the duo have been writing partners for close to a decade. Fielder has a host of other non fiction anthologies under the pen name Abe Hall. Wallace is also an acclaimed celebrity photographer and award winning independent filmmaker with twenty years experience in theHollywood entertainment industry.  J. Jones is a sexy and mysterious character who absorbs the reader’s imagination and gives 007 a run for his money.

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