Chasing Thunder Book Review - A New Novel by Ginger Voight

Survival…survival and persistence. 

Hollywood is full of them - runaways. They arrive from everywhere, most of them fleeing unsavory home life or dangerous situations.  With nowhere to go, no plans and no means of survival, the majority of them end up on the streets.  Such children are often victim to rapists and murderers because it is thought that no one will care if they are missing.


Chasing Thunder by Ginger Voight - True North Press

Chasing Thunder, by Ginger Voight, (published by True North Press) is the story of one such girl, but more so about Molly, the woman who fights to save her from the clutches of a serial killer.  Molly, herself damaged and unable to relate to the love in her life, has witnessed her grandfather, also a savior of runaways, brutally killed by a mobster trying to control "his business." Little does Molly know the killer has plans for Molly, as well. 

A survivor herself, Ginger related to her characters in a way many writers do not. That and persistence has been the key to Ginger Voight's life as she's climbed her way to success in the publishing world. Most writers I know have had difficult childhoods.  And that is what makes us turn inward to our story characters and realms, creating our fantasy worlds where justice is served.

Having been stranger raped at the age of four, she kept quiet about it for years, believing as many victims do, that she had somehow caused the crime to happen.  It wasn't until she was on the verge of suicide and received a call from her best friend, then across the country, that the whole story blurted out. 

Everything in her life - both the good and bad - loss, betrayal, mental illness - has filtered somehow into her writing.

The myth of living in California and success in the industry as an actor, writer, etc., infects many who believe that moving out here will be easy and instantaneous.  New arrivals come with backpacks filled with hope and dreams - many of which are shattered within the first few months. 

At 19, this Texan gal was slinging burgers at Burger King. Wanting more in life than she saw in the Lone Star state, she moved out to Los Angeles with her then boyfriend.  However, arriving in LA,  to their dismay they found out the place they were supposed to stay had cancelled out on them.  Forced to live in their car for nearly 6 months, they took odd jobs, sometimes not having money for food.  Listening to Guns N' Roses song "Welcome To The Jungle," she identified with the song and was inspired to write her story.  Music is her inspiration. "I will hear a song and it will remind me of something and I am off writing." Ginger wrote CT by hand while living in the car.

She had no formal training in writing. "Life became my college." She just knew that she liked telling stories. "I was always a reader as a kid and I devoured my aunt's romance books. From the age of 11, when I received my first A+ on a story, I knew I wanted to write."


Ginger Voight, author Chasing Thunder photo by Ginger Voight

It was only when she became pregnant while still homeless that and her bi-polar boyfriend married and managed to finally, with the help of family, obtain an apartment in Fresno.  While in Fresno she found an agent who, while she did not take Ginger on as a client, gave her detailed editing notes on her book.  "At first, I was upset when I saw all the red lining.  I wasn't the genesis that I (and most new writers) believed I was.  I was so used to accolades from my family, teachers and friends that I let it go to my head."  Now, I realize that she did me a huge favor to improve my writing.  I wasn't mature enough as a writer to understand that then and put the book aside for several years.

Meanwhile, Ginger continued to write. "I like to have a social message of some sort in each of my books."  Sometimes the message is about crime, sometimes it's a gay/lesbian story, or maybe about rape survivors. 

Character relationships are vital and she tries to know her characters as much as she can before she writes.  She also outlines, but "it's a loose outline.  I let my characters guide me and sometimes things change from the outline."  Ginger can write a first draft in two-three weeks and tries to write, at least, 3,000 words per day. 

She attempted to get in with traditional publishers several times and was told that her story telling was too visual. Often, she thought that her dream of being a published writer was wishful thinking.  It wasn't until 2010, when, after doing freelance articles, she learned about the self-publishing boon. With six completed manuscripts under her belt, Ginger realizes that was the avenue for her. There were no gatekeepers involved to tell her that her ideas were not commercial enough and she could bring her books directly to her readers.  With an already established social network on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc, she decided to give it a shot. 


Chasing Thunder by Ginger Voight - True North Press

Her first year there were only minimal sales, but when a blogger caught news of her and reviewed her, Ginger's sales jumped to over 4,000 and have increased since.  She found that self publishing gave her greater control and greater profit, but it was also a lot more work. 

It wasn't until meeting her current agent, Italia Gandolfo, of Gandolfo-Helin- Fountain Agency, through another writer on Facebook that Ginger began to realize her potential.

With over 1,000 new books springing up every month - many self-published from Amazon, etc., it's crucial to stand out.

Now with over 20 titles in print, Ginger is known for her gut-twisting angst. She's not afraid to push the envelope with her life-like, imperfect characters.  Some of her other titles included the Fullerton Family Saga and the Groupie series.  Dabbling in screenwriting, Ginger hopes to adapt some of her stories to the screen.

More information about Ginger Voight can be had from Gandolfo-Helin-Fountain Agency.



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